Current Kindergarten Legislation

Under ARS § 15-901(2)(a)(i), kindergarten programs must serve children for a minimum number of hours to receive funding. The required hours are as follows:
2003-2004: 352 hours per year
2004-2005: 354 hours per year
2005-2006: 356 hours per year
The minimum number of days a school must provide services during the academic year is 180 (ARS § 15-341.01). Serving children for 356 hours over a 180 day period translates to less than 2 hours per instructional day. Districts are currently funded at a half-day level for each kindergarten student.Some school districts and charter schools in Arizona offer a full day kindergarten program or an enrichment program that takes place outside of state-funded kindergarten hours. Districts may utilize other revenue such as Early Childhood Block Grant money, other budget resources or parent tuition for this option to help defray the costs of extending the kindergarten day.To find out more about the kindergarten programs offered by a specific school, contact the school district. For information about the school district in your area, click here.


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