Name Phone Email
Nicol Russell, Deputy Associate Superintendent
Head Start State Collaboration Director
602.364.1530 [email protected]
Lauren Zbyszinski,  Director of Professional Learning and Sustainability 602.542.1102 [email protected]
Lori Masseur, ECE Director 602.542.1137 [email protected]
Juliana Panqueva, Fiscal Program Specialist 602.542.8812 [email protected]
Kristy Rosen, Project Specialist 602.542.2790  [email protected]
Heather Drinovsky, Administrative Assistant

(Main Line)

602.364.1530  [email protected]
Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)
Suzanne Perry, Director 602.542.1113  [email protected]
Early Childhood Program Specialists
TBD, Program Specialist 602.364.1910  TBD
Ariana Lopez, Program Specialist  602.542.4615 [email protected]
Elizabeth Hamilton, Program Specialist 602.364.1948  [email protected]
TBD, Program Specialist  602.542.3136 TBD
Millie Archer, Program Specialist 602.364.1966 [email protected]
Erika Argueta, Program Specialist 602.542.3160  [email protected]
Eric Bucher, Program Specialist 602.542.3143  [email protected]
Sas Jakeo-Singer,         Program Specialist 602.542.3183 [email protected]

Mailing Address
Arizona Department of Education
Early Childhood Programs
1535 W. Jefferson, Bin #15
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Phone: 602.364.1530    Fax: 602.542.2730