Arizona DEC Spring Conference Registration is Available

Arizona Division of Early Childhood (DEC) and the Arizona Department of Education are pleased to present the DEC Spring Conference, March 1, 2014 at the Desert Willow Conference Center.  This year’s conference will feature speakers from the STAR Autism Support Program and will focus on teaching skills to children in natural learning environments, and generalizing those skills across routines. These strategies are beneficial for all young children with disabilities. 

This one day session will demonstrate successful implementation of STAR teaching strategies in preschool classrooms.

Participants will learn:

  •  to implement discrete trial training techniques/the importance of generalization of these skills into natural learning environments;
  • how to teach the attending skills needed to be a learner, imitation skills needed to model teachers/peers, safety skills, and how to teach students to follow one-step directions;
  •  the importance of functional routines to teach independence and generalization of skills through preschool routines of circle, snack, centers and transition.

 The conference is beneficial for anyone working in Early Childhood, from birth-3rd grade, families of children with disabilities as well as adult students enrolled in an Early Childhood program. 

Please click HERE to register. Registration must be completed by February 27, 2014 and can be completed using a check or Purchase Order. No registrations will be accepted on site. If you have specific questions about the conference, you can contact DEC’s Executive Board President, Kathy Coloma by email at .