Who is on the Data Governance Commission?

Data Governance Commission (DGC) Term Appointments

The DGC is a thirteen member body with appointed and non-appointed members. All members are assigned by lots to serve two, three or four year appointments. After initial appointments are served, members thereafter serve four year terms.

Data Governance Commission Members

Mr. Elliott Hibbs – Chairman   ♦   Ms. Michelle Norin- Vice Chairman   ♦   Mr. Jeffery Billings   ♦   Mr. Patrick Burns   ♦   Mr. Dean Farar   ♦   Mr. Gordon Wishon   ♦   Mr. Josh Allen   ♦   Mr. Fred Estrella   ♦   Mr. Rick Krug   ♦   Mr. Rick Ogston   ♦   Mr. Aaron Hale   ♦   Mr. Rod Lenniger ♦  Mr. Aaron Sandeen  ♦  Mr. Robert Kelty