Leading Change Data Preconference 2014

Leading Data 14

The Arizona Department of Education invites you to join it for the 2014 Leading Change Data Preconference on Monday, June 16. This free and dynamic event will focus on the importance of quality data to educators’ efforts to improve student achievement. Participants will learn about changes taking place at the state to improve data quality, how these changes impact LEAs, and how LEAs are partnerering with the ADE to lead critical changes to Arizona’s education system.

If you would like to know more about AELAS, education intelligence, ADE’s data collection reduction plans, have questions about data governance, or simply want to connect with peers from across the state at the intersection of education and IT, this is the preconference for you.

The conference sessions have been divided into “tracks” comprised of sessions emphasizing similar aspects of data management and usage. Presentations available for download can be found under the Presentations tab.

2014 Data Preconference Agenda
  Privacy & Security Data Systems Data Use & Abuse
8:00 – 9:00 Keynote Address
9:15 – 10:30 FERPA 101 for LEAs AELAS Opt-in Systems Evaluating Educational Program Effectiveness
10:45 – 12:00 Protecting Student Data in Online Educational Systems SAIS and AzEDS Best Practices for Data Governance
12:00 – 1:30 Lunch
1:30 – 3:00 Data Security and Identity Management Best Practices Roundtable Sessions: MOWR, CNPWeb, GME, ESS Data Literacy Using AZ Dash
3:00 – 3:30 Break
3:30 – 4:30 Facilitated Feedback
4:30 – 5:00 Closing Remarks

Privacy & Security
FERPA 101 for LEAs

Ross Lemke
Carrie O’Brien

The session will open with an overview of the basics of the Family Education and Privacy Act followed by a description of LEAs role in preserving student data. Mr. Lemke and Mrs. O’Brien will then give a brief description of permissible data disclosures and go over some frequently asked questions. They will close the session by providing resources available to support LEAs in protecting student data.
Protecting Student Data in Online Technologies

Ross Lemke

The session will open with an overview of the challenges of using online educational services followed by exceptions for online educational services as outlined by FERPA. Mr. Lemke will then go over other privacy regulations that are applicable to online educational technologies and frequently asked questions. The session will conclude with a warning against free educational services and the importance of transparency.
Data Security and Management Best Practices

Ed Jung

This session will be split into two main topics. Part one will consist of an overview of Data Security—how well do you know your data, your types of threats or if you’ve been compromised? Part one will come to a close with a cyber-exercise. Part two will focus on Identity Management, mainly who are your users and what are their roles and permissions? Part two will conclude with a discussion on ADE Entity Management and Federation.


Data Systems
Opt-In Systems

Jolene Newton

This session will consist of an introduction to all of the Opt-In software available within AELAS including the Instructional Improvement Program (IIS), a collection of technology-based tools and supporting strategies; the Learning Management System (LMS), for professional and K12 online learning and collaboration; Teacher and Principal Observation and Evaluation System (Eval); the Assessment system; and the Statewide Student Information System (SSIS), addresses LEA’s needs for consistent and compliant student information management solutions.

Mark Masterson
Ed Jung

This session will open with an overview of the Arizona Education Data Standards and their role in SAIS replacement. Mr. Jung and Mr. Masterson will also explain the benefits of AzEDs and why it will become essential in the coming school years. Attendees of this session will walk away with a greater understanding of their next steps and ADE’s available resources for the AzEDs transition ahead.
Roundtable Sessions
SAIS and Student Finance
Wendi Trudell
During this roundtable session the SAIS and Student Finance team can assist you with many things related to state aid funding including SAIS (submissions, SDDI and SDR reports), ADM assistance (calculations and reconciliations of reports), Transportation and Vehicle Inventory assistance (reporting of data to ADE), School District Employee Report (SDER), State Aide and Classroom Site Fund (CSF) Payments and LEA budgets.
Nick Dunford
During this roundtable session, Nick Dunford will provide you with the opportunity to discuss any issues or ask any questions you may have related to the Child Nutrition Program (CNPWeb) system. CNPWeb houses the Federal Child Nutrition Program data including the National School Lunch Program, Free and Reduced-price percentage report.
Grants Management (GME)
Todd Mason
During this roundtable discussion, the GME team will go over the new system’s data stores and links with other systems, improvements needed in communicating grants data across platforms, how the new system can help gather reporting data and the future scope of GME.
ESS Annual Data Collection & Census
Peggy Staples
Nicole Armstrong
Lorrie Sheehy
During this roundtable discussion, the ESS team will go over submitting special education participation data to SAIS, the ESS Census Verification application and the ESS Annual Data application in common logon, as well as the Post School Outcomes application.


Data Use and Abuse
Evaluating Educational Program Effectiveness

Dr. Debbie Stirling

The session will begin with an overview of program evaluation followed by present evaluation methods. Dr. Stirling will then provide hands-on strategies and tools for evaluation as well as demonstrate how AZ Dash can be used for evaluations as well.
Best Practices for Data Governance

Dr. Rebecca Bolnick
Maya Vidhyadharan

Recent growth in the amount of student records collected and stored electronically by educational agencies has increased the scrutiny of data management and protection practices they employ. To assist education stakeholders, this session will provide best practice resources on the topic of data governance, which is an organizational approach to managing data, from acquisition to use to disposal, formalized as a set of policies and procedures. We will identify critical components of a successful data governance plan and provide suggestions for optimizing the management of complex data systems. Tools will be provided that can be used to self-evaluate and take action for both by those looking to design a new data system and those wanting to improve performance of an existing system.
Data Literacy Using AZ Dash

Dr. Debbie Stirling

This session will begin with a definition of data literacy followed by an intricate discussion on what effective data use looks like and how to bring effective data use to scale. Dr. Stirling will the facilitate hand-on activities locating, comprehending and interpreting data using AZ Dash. The session will conclude with a discussion on how to effectively share data with stakeholders to instill a better understanding of student learning.

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