The ADE Data Governance Program is charged with the responsibility to develop and enforce policies concerning the collection, management and use of data within the Arizona Department of Education (ADE). The mission of Data Governance is to improve the quality of data while reducing the administrative burdens of data collection and processing.


Data Governance has the authority to set data management related policy and standards for use within the ADE. The ADE Data Governance Program works with the Arizona Data Governance Commission (DGC) to establish data management related policies and standards that impact pre-K through post-secondary (P20).


Key responsibilities of Data Governance include:


For general inquiries about ADE Data Governance, LEA Data Collections and Data Policies contact: [email protected]  Do not send requests for data to this email address – they will not be acknowledged or processed.

For all Data Requests, including new requests as well as status inquiries, please follow the directions on the Data Requests page.