9. How can I find out when my children’s school starts/ends?

Most schools in Arizona start in early- to mid- August and get out in early- to mid- June. You will have to contact the district or the school your children will attend/attend to find out the school’s calendar year.

You can use the school search function on our web site if you are unsure of exactly which district you will fall under (www.ade.az.gov/edd/), or you can use the following link to find your school’s website, where much of this information may be listed. http://www.ade.az.gov/schools/schools/districts.asp

While the laws determine the number of days and hours required for students to attend school, the actual dates are determined by your governing school boards – boards consisting of elected residents from your community. You should address them at a public meeting to inform them of your concerns.

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