5. Who has control over the school governing board members?

Your school district’s governing board members are elected officials. The local community elects governing board members, and it is the community who retains all the power to affect those who hold positions on a board. The purpose of this local election process is for constituents to have a local voice through elected officials, your governing board members. Governing board meetings are open to the general public.

Please note: The Arizona Department of Education does not have disciplinary jurisdiction over governing school board members.

These positions are available to anyone who wants to run for a governing school board member position. If you feel the governing board members are not working for the community and you are concerned about their current position, you can begin what is called “Recall Process”. You may contact your local County Superintendent’s Office to begin this process.

Contact information for your local County Superintendent’s Office is available by visiting the following link: http://www.ade.az.gov/resources/hs.asp

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