School Dispute Resolution

This flowchart is intended to provide a step-by-step process and outline the protocol for filing a complaint about an issue within a K-12 public school.

STEP 1: The Sample Scenario I am upset with my school. I don’t feel students are being properly disciplined and I have several issues with the school’s dress code policy!


STEP 2: What to Do? The first step is to speak with your school principal. Many issues can be resolved by speaking with the school principal.


STEP 3: What if my issue is still not resolved, even after speaking with the principal?If, after speaking with the school principal, you feel your issue is still not resolved, your next step is to contact the district superintendent.If you do not know who your district superintendent is or how to contact him/her, you can ask the school to provide this information or you can visit the Arizona Department of Education’s “School Search” link. This link allows parents to search for K-12 public schools by city, zip, county or school/district name. With this function, you can pull up public school/district contact information, mission statements and School Report Cards:


STEP 4: I’ve spoken with the school principal and the district superintendent, and I still don’t feel my issue is resolved. Now I’m really frustrated! If you’ve spoken with the principal and the superintendent and you still feel your issue is not adequately addressed, you can address the Governing School Board members in your district. School Board members are elected by the community and are there for you!First try contacting School Board members to see if the issue can be resolved. You can request to have your issue placed on the next available School Board agenda. School Board meetings are public meetings and individuals may address Board members to discuss unresolved issues at these meetings. If other concerned parents/individuals voice a similar opinion, you may address the School Board as a group.To obtain information on your Governing School Board members, you can contact the district office and request this information.In addition, many school districts have web addresses and post Governing School Board information on their websites, including meeting times/dates and board member contact information. To obtain your districts’ website address, you can visit the Arizona Department of Education’s “School Search” link:


STEP 5: Many concerned parents and I are very upset with the school board and feel they are not listening to the community and parents. They have all the “power” and refuse to change outdated policies or create new policies desperately needed. What can we do? Your school district’s Governing Board members are elected officials. The local community elects Governing Board members, and it is the community who retains all the power to affect those who hold those positions. The Arizona Department of Education does not have disciplinary jurisdiction over Governing School Board Members.These positions are available to anyone who wants to run for a Governing School Board member position. You may contact your local County Superintendent’s Office to begin the process should you wish to exercise this right.Contact information for your local County Superintendent’s Office is available by visiting the following link: