ADE Staff Gives 150 Turkeys to Fowler Elementary District Families

Published: November 20th, 2017
frozen turkey delivery

To kick off the 2017 Thanksgiving season, ADE’s senior executive leadership, following Superintendent Diane Douglas’s lead, decided to use a friendly intraagency competition to give back to the community. The First Inaugural ADE Turkey Drive was an astounding success.

In just ten days, the agency’s employees donated enough money to purchase and deliver 150 frozen fowls to Fowler Elementary District in southwest Phoenix. That is approximately one turkey for every four staff members or almost 3 pounds of turkey per ADE employee!

Shown: ADE Associate Superintendent Mike Mannelly delivering frozen fowls to Dr. Marvene Lobato, superintendent of Fowler Elementary District.

The last of the turkeys were delivered to the district on Friday, November 17, and immediately distributed to excited families just in time to set the frozen birds to thaw for Thanksgiving. After all, we did not want hungry kids crying foul about frozen fowls come Thursday or folks frying a frozen bird, which would definitely draw a foul from the fire department.

turkeys in car
How many turkeys fit in the back of a DAS’s jeep?

While the purpose of the Turkey Drive was to give back to the community, a little friendly competition between departments never hurt anyone. The (admittedly large) Information Technology division proudly led the flock-we-mean-pack by donating fully half of the turkeys, but the rest of the teams were close behind. After all, birds of a feather… (do we really need to finish that?)