Arizona Department of Education Launches New Website Theme

Published: July 18th, 2017

Today the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) launched a new website theme. The site aims to streamline communications between ADE, schools and education professionals, and the public. In addition, the new style provides a user-friendly look including the addition of a mobile layout.

The new website theme is part of a two-year initiative by Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas. During that time a federal mandate to bring the site into accessibility compliance for the disabled was issued.

“When I took office,” said Superintendent Douglas, “it was important to me that we have clear communications with the public, the people we serve. To do that effectively, I felt it was critical to update our outdated website, our first source of information. While working to that end we ensured all Arizonans receive that information. That we were thinking ahead of the federal mandate was a happy coincidence.”

ADE Information Technology (IT) was recently awarded with a Gold Award in the category of Best IT Products and Services for Education at the 2017 IT World Awards from Network Products Guide, Information Technology’s leading research and advisory guide. The awards from the Network Products Guide, which are comprised of industry and peer recognition, honor achievement in all facets of the IT industry at the world’s premier IT awards ceremony.

ADE IT staff handled every aspect of the website development and transition, meeting several requests by ADE programs areas in anticipation of local education agencies (LEAs) needs. “We are extremely fortunate to have such a talented and innovative IT staff,” said Douglas. “They continue to show how resourceful our ADE IT department is in guaranteeing we have the best products to serve our students, our schools, and the people of Arizona.”

While the majority of ADE’s website is transitioned to the new theme, a few program areas are still making the transition. The department anticipates the full transition of the website soon. ADE invites the public to visit Feedback is welcome at