Meet the Committee

Deborah Ball
Director, Community Engagement Programs
University Service-Learning | America Reads | AmeriCorps
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
Arizona State University

Joannie Collins
Chief Administrative Officer
Arizona Bar Association

Dylan Dalzotto
Veteran Programs Manager
Joe Foss Institute

Syd Golston

Molly Edwards
Programs Director
O’Connor House

Peggy Klein

Elizabeth Lantka

Andrew LeFevre, M.B.A.
LeFevre Associates

Mary Marshall
Community Affairs Supervisor
Maricopa County Attorney’s Office

Scott Maxwell
Education Program Specialist, School Improvement and Intervention
Arizona Department of Education

Kurt Parks

Kevin Ruegg, PhD.
Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director
Arizona Bar Association

Diana Strouth
Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education

Tara Swanholm
Arizona State University

Charles Tack
Electronic Communications Manager
Arizona Department of Education

Dr. Sharron Goldman Walker

Carol Warren