Finance A.R.S. §15-185(A)(1)

A.R.S. §15-185(A)(1) Financial provisions for a charter school that is sponsored by a school district governing board are as follows:

  • The charter school shall be included in the district’s budget and financial assistance calculations pursuant to paragraph 3 of this subsection and chapter 9 of this title, except for chapter 9, article 4 of this title. The charter of the charter school shall include a description of the methods of funding the charter school by the school district. The school district shall send a copy of the charter and application, including a description of how the school district plans to fund the school, to the state board of education before the start of the first fiscal year of operation of the charter school. The charter or application shall include an estimate of the student count for the charter school for its first fiscal year of operation. This estimate shall be computed pursuant to the requirements of paragraph 3 of this subsection.

A.R.S. §15-185(B)(4) Equalization assistance for the charter school shall be determined by adding the amount of the base support level and additional assistance. Equalization assistance is equal to the sum of the base support level and the additional assistance. The amount of the additional assistance is one thousand two hundred four dollars sixty-seven cents per student count in kindergarten programs and grades one through eight and one thousand four hundred four dollars one cent per student count in grades nine through twelve.

A.R.S. §15-185(B)(7) The charter school shall not charge tuition, levy taxes or issue bonds.

Please be sure to check Arizona State Legislature for the most recent version of these statutory references. Updated versions may be available in June or July, 2003.