Resources for New and Current Charter Schools

Governance Week Trainings

New School Development

The Arizona Charter Schools Association is committed to the development of high-performing public charter schools and offers extensive support for teams looking to open a new charter school or expand a current high performing school. Starting a charter school is a team effort that requires a great deal of forethought and hard work before doors open on day one. For individuals or groups interested in petitioning for a new charter school, navigating the requirements of new school development can be arduous.  The founding group must be willing to scrutinize its ability to commit a significant amount of time and energy toward the development of a charter school before embarking on the application process. Find out more about charter schools here.

School Leadership Development

Research confirms that effective schools are not possible without effective school leaders. The AZ Charter Schools Association partners with the Center for Student Achievement to offer leadership trainings that will provide participants with tools that can be put to use immediately.

Quality Schools Program:  The Quality Schools Program is an intensive three-year program aligned to the Arizona Charter Schools Association’s Quality Standards for Academic and Continuous Improvement and designed to support schools to meet or exceed in each of these indicators. The QSP supports all schools, regardless of size, grade configuration, philosophy, or educational model to help fulfill their contractual mandate to increase student achievement. The program also supports school development teams to support them in bringing their vision to life. The goal is that each of our partner schools will achieve, or maintain, a quality school rating of A or B.