Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can any existing charter school apply for these funds?

No. This is a start up grant for new charter schools that have been approved by an AZ charter authorizer.  A school that applied for the grant and was denied may reapply the following January assuming the school has not been open for operations more than twenty-four months.

2. Is there an application deadline or are grants awarded throughout the year?

The AZCSIP is a competitive-discretionary grant.  All charters eligible to apply compete at the same time.  The application submission deadline is in January of each year.

3. What is the maximum amount of funding available to applicants?

The maximum available funding is $230,000 per year.

4. What is the duration of the grant?

There are two phases: Planning and Implementation. Schools may use funds for up to 18 months for Planning and up to 24 months for Implementation.  The total time for Planning and Implementation shall not exceed thirty-six months.  Implementation means that the school has actually opened and is serving students.

5. Are there restrictions on grant funding?

Schools may not use the funds to buy, lease or upgrade facilities or to pay salaries once the school has started Implementation.