The Arizona Charter Schools Program (AZ CSP) has exhausted all awards from its federal Charter Schools Program 2015 grant. No more applications will be accepted in 2018 under this grant.

In April 2018 AZCSP applied to the US Department of Education Charter Schools Program (ED CSP) for its grant to state organizations, Expanding Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools, CFDA 84.282A.  State applicants will be notified October 1, 2018.

If AZCSP is awarded the grant, training for new school and replicating school developers will take place at ADE Jefferson on October 2, 2018. Application submission date will be November 9, 2018. Grant awards will be announced at the AZ State Board of Education meeting, January 28, 2019. No award will be made to a school which was not awarded a charter by either ASBCS or a state approved authorizer by December 10, 2018.

If AZ CSP is not awarded the Expanding Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools, Arizona new and replicated school developers may apply directly to ED CSP, for the Non-SEA CFDA 84.282 B when it is announced in 2019.