“The right of every American to first-class citizenship is the most important issue of our time.” – Jackie Robinson




Selected Readings

Tuck Everlasting Natalie Babbitt
The Lincolns Candace Fleming
Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan Mary Williams
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery Russell Freedman
Esperanza Rising Pam Munoz Ryan
Redwall Brian Jacques

Profiles in Citizenship

Ralph Bunche, Political Scientist and International Diplomat

Ralph Bunche was an American who knew a thing or two about responsibility. After graduating from UCLA and Harvard University, Ralph worked with Eleanor Roosevelt and others to create the United Nations and their UN Declaration of Human Rights. Bunche negotiated the peaceful armistice between the Arab countries and Israel. For his work, Ralph Bunche received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Gabrielle Giffords, United States Congresswoman

Gabrielle Giffords is the former member of the United States House of Representatives, where she represented the United States 8th Congressional District. In January 2011, Congresswoman Giffords was shot and lost some of her ability to walk, speak, read, and write. However, she has worked hard to recover and plans to return to public service one day!

Benjamin Franklin, Politician

Benjamin Franklin is perhaps one of our most influential and recognizable American heroes. Benjamin was a successful printer, writer, politician, and scientist. He was easily one of the smartest men in early American history. In addition to being a newspaper editor, the first U.S. Postmaster General, and a United States Ambassador to both Sweden and France, Franklin was also the governor of Pennsylvania. Benjamin Franklin was the ultimate citizen of the United States of America