July’s Attribute is Citizenship ~

C itizenship is being loyal to your country. It allows you to have a choice, since you can vote for someone who can represent you and make decisions in your name.

This means that we have to respect our laws and our culture. It means that we have to represent our country overseas, show respect to citizens of other countries, and our fellowmen. To be a good citizen is to denounce injustices of one country towards another.

We also have a duty to our own country, which we demonstrate by paying our taxes and by participating in a variety of activities within our communities.

Finally, a good citizen respects the world because we are all citizens of the world.

Attribute Quote

“If we can instill values of community, harmony, peace, moderation, and stewardship into our youth, the rewards to society are limitless, and everything else will come easy.”
῀ Charles Orgbon III

Recommended Reading

“Brothers in Hope” by Mary Williams