Professional Development

The 21st CCLC unit is dedicated to providing Professional Development opportunities for grantees throughout the year.

21st CCLC Annual Professional Development Requirement

Grantee leaders (the 21st CCLC Grant Site Principal, Site Coordinator and the District 21st CCLC Grant Director if applicable) are required to attend a minimum of one 21st CCLC professional development opportunity each year.

 Grantee leadership will be responsible for fulfilling this requirement by June 30 of each year and reporting attendance to the 21st CCLC Unit on the annual renewal report. Your peers on the Vision Team feel strongly that participating in one annual professional development opportunity is a reasonable request. Those who don’t will be placed in corrective action.

 Professional Development Letter from Cindy Trejo, State Grant Director

ADE 21st CCLC Professional Development Opportunities

ADE 21st CCLC New Grantee Orientation

(Newly awarded grantee leadership is required to attend)

This one day orientation for new 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) grantees will introduce and explain the culture of ADE 21st CCLC support and monitoring. This training will provide new 21st CCLC program leadership with information necessary for a successful grant implementation and effective management. The orientation will offer an overview of how to get started and provides critical information to meet federal and state grant requirements. Each grantee will leave the training with a reference book, outlining key information on fiscal and programmatic accountability.  This orientation will be presented by ADE staff, Vision Team (advisory board for 21st CCLC), and the leadership from successful 21st CCLC grant programs in Arizona.

AZ 21st CCLC Networking Meeting and Site Visit

Participants will have an opportunity to visit Arizona 21st CCLC sites that are on target in meeting their goals and objectives. Site staff will highlight the model of programming that is working at their site. In addition, participants will visit the after school program and witness first hand one way to successfully implement programming. This is an excellent opportunity to network with other AZ 21st CCLC staff. Those that host the training coordinate with the ADE 21st CCLC Unit Staff and facilitate this opportunity on a voluntary basis. These events are offered at various times throughout the year and in different regional locations in the state.

Additional ADE 21st CCLC Professional Development Opportunities

  • Other professional development opportunities available are listed on the  21st CCLC PD Calendar of Events and the 21st CCLC website ( Expect additional information from your ADE 21st CCLC program specialist as additional offerings are available.

Past Professional Development Materials

Engaging Middle and High School Students in 21st CCLC Programs: Keys to Success! – 9/18/12   

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