Are all schools eligible for the ADE 21st CCLC grant?

No. The federal guidelines for 21st CCLC grants are high poverty and low performing school sites.  The mandated federal qualification for poverty is that 40% or more of the school site’s students must have qualified for the federal Free or Reduced Cost Meals program.  Low performance may be determined by state or federal designation which are:  a) Federal:  Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) or 2) State:  AZ Learns Label of Under-performing or Failing. Due to the new Arizona Department of Education school site ratings, as of October, 14, 2011, there may be a revision with the State’s AZ Learns Label designation in the application process.  If there are changes in future year’s 21st CCLC applications, they will be specified.

However, school sites may also qualify by providing a convincing description of students at risk of academic failure, regardless of label.  


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