Application Process Q & A

For general questions about the grant application process, please email [email protected]

  • No phone questions will be accepted.
  • No questions will be accepted after 5pm on Monday, May 30 of this year.




  • If I wanted to apply for the 21st CCLC grant for a school that is in their first year and doesn’t have an AYP or AZ LEARNS determination from 2010-11, can I skip that page in the application, is this allowable?  All parts of the application must be completed in full.  No sections or questions can be skipped.  Please reference the Application Instruction to answer your question regarding a “new” school (Item 35-36). 


  • In regards to partners, is it appropriate to use the full name of the partner – or are you wanting a general descriptor?  For example, if one is working with the local police department would you refer to them as “local police department” or as “Timbuktu Police Department?”  This is especially relevant when the partner name might be an identifier that allows the reader to link the project to a particular school or a school district, etc.  It is in your best interest to be as anyonomus as you can when completeing the application, expecially when a name would be an identifier.  This will help ensure that peer reviewers are reading applications without being influenced by knowing which school or agency is applying for funds. 


  • Are you allowing any attachments to the application such as examples of evaluation tools, etc.?  No additional forms or tools can be attached to the application.  You can only submit the online application and the required Forms A-E.



  • How do I budget for mandatory professional development? See the required Form A and the application instructions for mandated trainings. These mandatory trainings generally occur in the Phoenix area. The anticipated per person registration for the mandatory Arizona Department of Education 21st CCLC fall conference and new grantee orientation sessions is currently $250. How other professional development for 21st CCLC leadership and staff occurs is an individual issue with each site, addressed in the narrative and budget of each application.  



  • Are applicants required to submit the Program and Partner Planning Tools with the hard copy forms A- E?  The only hard copy forms that need to be submitted are the REQUIRED FORMS A-E.   


  • How do I complete the application, as a faith based organization, without a CTDS #?  A CTDS number is also required before you can submit a grant application. All applicants will need to apply for a CTDS #.  To apply for a CTDS number, go to the ADE website at and follow the directions on this page. If you are a new site, please use CTDS# 00-00-00-001 when completing the form and select “School Finance” as your LEA Account Analyst.  ***NOTE-THIS PROCESS DOES REQUIRE AMPLE TIME TO SUBMIT REQUIRED FORMS.****


  • Please advise as to the most appropriate steps to ensure all application materials are submitted by the close date of May 7.  The best way to ensure that all grant submission requirements are met is to read and follow the instructions and other materials provided online for grant applicants.  The Online Application Training, Instructions, and other materials can be found under the Fund Alert and the 21st CCLC Application Information webpage at:  (See Downloadable Tools) 


  • How do I input for the payment schedule?  Enter no more than 10% of the total award amount for the first month’s drawdown, unless it is anticipated that there will be unusually large expenditures the very first month. The reason that applicants generally don’t ask for more than 10% for their initial drawdown is that with these federal awards, fiscal holders are not allowed to maintain excess cash on hand. If there is excess cash unexpended at the end of the month, the fiscal holder would be out of compliance with Grants Management.  The remainder of the award amount, not asked for in the initial payment, should be entered into the RSP box. The reason for this is that this is a cash reimbursement grant, and all payments past the first payment are based on submitting actual expenditures for reimbursement.