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Last year, Kathryn Herrera, a senior at Metro Tech High School, Phoenix AZ in Education Professions volunteered as a translator at the Cartwright Elementary parent-teacher conferences for our Community Service Project. Both the elementary teacher and the parent were in a serious discussion regarding testing for the 2nd grader at this conference. The parent was frustrated by the language barrier as well as the idea their child was ‘dumb’. Surprising both the parent and teacher, Kathryn was able to dispel the parent’s concern because she had worked through the IEP process in class and she described for the parent the chance to get extra help in order for her child to be successful instead of struggling with a learning disability. Both the teacher and parent were happy that Kathryn had specific examples from her classroom experience to describe the IEP process.

Amazing what experiential learning can do!

Dr. Lily Kimble Percell
Metro Tech High School
Future Educators Advisor

    To FEA Teacher Julie Stockwell, Greenway High School, from former student:

“I just want to thank you for running such a fantastic FEA program! I’m glad I got the chance to be in your class and explore the field of education. You created a space where kids can find out more about the noble job of teaching and make friends too! I have fallen in love with the field and plan to dedicate my life to it-I only hope that one day I can inspire others the way you have inspired me.”

      What FEA Students Say…

“The FEA Fall Conference was a blast; it helped me to
realize my true calling.”

“Every year the FEA Conference gets more exciting,
and every year more and more students attend. Arizona FEA is clearly THE place to be.”

“This experience ensured my desire to become
a teacher and has helped me to see what kind of
challenges I will have to overcome in future years.”

“This is a lifetime experience. You learn, have fun, and
meet people. It also builds a path for your career.”

“My experience here was amazing. It really explained
to me how teachers really make a big impact on their

“The FEA motivates us to learn all we can about the art
of teaching.”

“Confirmed my love for teaching.”

“It helped me with social and speaking skills.”

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