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“To recruit and provide experiences and skills for high school students who are exploring teaching as a future career to develop essential skills that will lead to highly trained and qualified teachers in Arizona.”

“I will pursue excellence in preparing to be a future teacher of Arizona. I hold to the highest standards and ethics and will uphold the mission and responsibilities of the Arizona FEA. I will represent myself, my school and the Arizona FEA with my best effort, attitude and commitment.”


Gerry Corcoran

Gerry Corcoran’s experience includes 17 years as a teacher and coach as well as 13 years as a school administrator evaluating and supervising teachers, developing programs, organizing staff development and overseeing CTE programs for four years as a school district CTE Director. He has developed mentorship programs for high schools across the country and written curriculum for life skills enhancement for elementary and high school age students. He formed LeaderQuest in 2003 and developed leadership and team building curriculum for high school and college students across the country which included developing “Leadership Power Days” to high schools and colleges where leadership met relevance and students were empowered to change school climate and exercise their leadership skills to make positive changes in their organizations and communities.

He was hired in 2005 by the Arizona Department of Education to develop a student organization for Education Professions and Early Childhood Professions programs and thus the Arizona Future Educator’s Association was formed. He has developed resources and training for high school students to better prepare them to be quality teachers in the future. Through his experience as the State Director for the Arizona FEA, Gerry has developed a model program for the country and has a vision to assist other states in creating the same model program with comprehensive training and activities that will assist State Directors and teachers/advisors for CTSO (Career & Technical Student Organization) programs including FEA. Gerry has put together a team of facilitators with exceptional experience and resources to provide the essentials for an effective program at the state level as well as at the local school chapter level.

 Contact Information
  Gerry Corcoran
Arizona FEA State Director
1535 W. Jefferson Street, Bin #42
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Office: (602) 542-5315
Fax: (602) 542-5334 or (602) 364-4035
e-mail: Gerry.Corcoran@azed.gov