Computer-Based Testing Opt-In Deadline, Regional AzMERIT Trainings, and AzMERIT Item Review

Published: December 22nd, 2014

ADE is pleased to share the following important AzMERIT information:  

  1. Schools that have the ability to administer the computer-based version of the test are encouraged to do so. An equated, paper-based version of the test will be available to schools that do not have the ability to administer the computer-based version or choose not to administer the computer-based version. Schools opting to administer the computer-based version of AzMERIT must indicate that selection in ADE Connect by January 5, 2015.
  2. In order to provide AzMERIT information to a wider audience, regional trainings will be presented in conjunction with an AzMERIT informational conference for district and school administrators and other educational leaders. The informational conferences will be held in the same location as the test coordinator trainings but will be in a separate room. Please click here to view a list of informational conferences designed for school and district administrators.
  3. Last week a committee of 90 Arizona educators reviewed potential AzMERIT passages and items. Every AzMERIT passage and every AzMERIT item that will appear on the Spring 2015 AzMERIT tests was approved by this committee. The Assessment Section is greatly appreciative of the work this committee did, their focus on producing an excellent test for AZ students, and their willingness to leave their classrooms at this very busy time of year for this purpose. The Assessment Section is also greatly appreciative of the schools and districts that allowed their teachers the opportunity to participate in this committee.
  4. ADE asked the Attorney General’s office to update their letter regarding parent requests to opt-out of state-mandated testing. The updated letter is posted on the Assessment Section’s Technical and Legal Resources webpage and is linked here. This letter states quite clearly that parents may not opt their public school children out of AzMERIT testing.

For more information on the administration of AzMERIT, please visit our website at