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Published: Published: January 10th, 2017

Six Critical Education Areas AZ Kids Can’t Wait! 2017 Funding Proposal Addresses

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas completed the second year of her We Are Listening Tour, and she continues to hear Arizonans’ dissatisfaction with the lack of funding for education.

“I could not agree more with them,” stated Douglas. To address the issue, she posed the question: As a state, do we want the best education system in the United States or the cheapest system we can get by with?

In AZ Kids Can’t Wait! 2017, Superintendent Douglas presented additional new funding proposals to provide teachers, schools, students and families the support and resources they need to improve outcomes. For schools to excel an increase in education funding is essential. “While more money is not the only answer to improving our schools, I believe these proposals can make a real difference for Arizona school children,” pronounced Douglas at her press conference in November.

The six critical education areas the AZ Kids Can’t Wait! proposals address, indicated by Arizonans and confirmed by the department, were: 1) Increase Basic State Aid, 2) Increase Classroom Teacher Salaries, 3) Increase Rural School Transportation Funding, 4) Increase Funding for Rural Schools, 5) Fully Fund Capital for School Facilities, and 6) Fully Fund Building Renewal for School Facilities. Read the funding proposals in full or check out many other proposals on topics such as testing, standards, and student support, which can be viewed at www.azed.gov/beheardaz/azkids.

The superintendent and department entreat that educating our children is the most important function a state handles. That infers a necessary investment in their futures.

Superintendent Douglas is committed to working with the Governor, the legislature, alongside parents, teachers, students, school administrators, and business and community leaders to make Arizona’s education system the best in the nation. Join Superintendent Douglas in this mission to make Arizona the best! Contact your State Legislators to explain why we need more funding for education and why our Arizona Kids Can’t Wait!

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