AZ Kids Can’t Wait! Plan

2018 AZ Kids Can’t Wait! Plan

Superintendent Diane Douglas and the Arizona Department of Education are pleased to announce the 2018 AZ Kids Can’t Wait! plan, a comprehensive strategy to improve education in Arizona.

Based on feedback gathered during the Superintendent’s 2017 We Are Listening Tour, the updated 2018 plan includes new proposals, accomplishments from last year’s plan and progress updates for several ongoing initiatives. Highlighting the new proposals are several funding requests, which range from additional base funding for schools to use as they see fit to teacher salary increases and additional support for rural schools and capital needs. Funding was still the most common topic on the minds of those who attended the We Are Listening Tour or shared their feedback in other ways.

Because the focus of this year’s Listening Tour was #ParentsMustBeHeard, the Superintendent has also provided an executive summary of the plan that is designed to give parents a quick look at the proposals that are most likely to be of interest to them.

Original AZ Kids Can’t Wait! Plan

Released on October 1, 2015, Superintendent Diane Douglas’ initial AZ Kids Can’t Wait! plan was a first-of-its-kind document designed to help fix Arizona’s education system.

After 2015’s statewide We Are Listening Tour to hear the concerns and suggestions of educators, parents, and students regarding Arizona’s education system, Superintendent Douglas compiled the comments she had received on the tour. She then used that feedback as a platform on which to build the 156-page plan, which includes more than 30 proposals on education reform. Understanding that education is always in a state of flux, Superintendent Douglas continued her We Are Listening Tour in 2016 to collect additional feedback and deliver information about completed initiatives.