Educator Certification: Where Teachers Go On Break

Published: October 11th, 2017
Superintendent Douglas shaking hands with a teacher

One of the greatest mysteries of elementary school is what teachers do when they aren’t teaching. Obviously, they sleep at school, since they are already there when the kids arrive and stay long past the end of the school day. And any first grader can attest to the fact that teachers can’t possibly have lives outside of school. The second graders will say they have heard of teachers being seen in the grocery store, but nobody can verify the claim. Most mysterious of all is where the teachers go when school is closed.

As the state agency over K-12 education in Arizona, it fell to ADE to find the truth about this matter. After years of investigation and a single trip downstairs, our crack ADE communications manager has solved at least part of the mystery. When school is closed, such as for Fall Break, teachers go to…ADE! And we have pictures to prove it!

Each fall, winter, and spring—not to mention summer—ADE is visited by scores of teachers from around the state. They arrive in twos and threes, often accompanied by young family members. And what do they do here, on these days they are free from the responsibilities of teaching? Why, taking care of education business, of course! Yes, when teachers aren’t teaching, they come to ADE to renew their certifications…so they can teach. Once in a while, these hardworking educators visit with Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Diane Douglas. And that is the evidence we present to you, today.