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It’s easy to make your voice heard about education in Arizona. With just a few clicks, you can share your opinions with Arizona policymakers.

Support IT Funding for Education

Tell your elected leaders you support IT funding for the Arizona Department of Education to make sure schools and teachers get paid and student data is safe.

Send the email below as-is or customize it with your own comments so your legislators know this is important to you. Your email will be sent to all Arizona legislators and will include your name, email address, city/state/zip, and any comments you add below.

  • Send an Email to Arizona Legislators

  • Dear Official,

    As a concerned citizen, I urge you to fight for funding for the Arizona Department of Education’s IT system. The current budget does not allocate any funds for the system that processes more than $5 billion to Arizona schools. If the Department does not have any funds for IT, schools will not receive their state aid payments, and teachers will not get paid.

    In addition, student data will be unavailable and $38 million of state money already invested into the system over the past few years will completely go to waste.

    We cannot afford to jeopardize all of the work that has been done to create this state-of-the-art system to benefit our schools, and we cannot leave our schools without the money they need to educate students.

  • Use this field to add your own comments to the letter shown above. Your input will appear at the end of the email to legislators.

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