You deserve a world-class education. Now, more than ever, your education is important in preparing you for life after high school so you can get the job of your dreams.

A high school diploma is no longer enough to get a good job. Most jobs in Arizona and throughout the nation will require some kind of education or training after high school. This means that in order to land a job, almost all of Arizona’s young people will need to go to college or pursue some type of advanced training after high school.

What’s more, you will be competing for jobs not just with other students in the US, but from around the world, which means that your education is more important now than ever.

Together, your parents, teachers, and state leaders want to help you be ready for college, career and life so that you have all options and opportunities available to you when you graduate from high school. This is why Arizona is implementing new academic standards, called Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards, over the next few years.

These standards, in English and math, are the foundation for what you will learn in class every day. They are different from what you are learning today because they will make your education more relevant and are more focused on the skills and knowledge you truly need to be successful in the real-world.

Talk to your teacher or to your parents to find out when the standards will be implemented in your school. Feel free to ask your teachers what changes you may see in the classroom and how their expectations for you may change. If you need extra help or if you want to explore a topic further, don’t be afraid to ask.

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