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Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards will Help Strengthen Arizona’s Economy

College and career ready standards are critical to the community because they were designed to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.

Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards and assessments are critical to Arizona’s economic development because they were designed to give all students today the knowledge and skills they will need to be prepared for the careers of tomorrow, including the ability to communicate effectively, work in groups, apply math in real-world situations, read and analyze both literature and informational text, construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others, and preserver in solving problems. The standards are an important step in building a stronger workforce in Arizona. They will help fuel innovation and strengthen the state’s economy. The standards respond directly to the request from business leaders to have Arizona students be better prepared for the jobs of the future.

Our Students Will Rise to the Challenge

The standards will increase the rigor of what Arizona students will learn, but our students will rise to the challenge. Data shows that when expectations are higher, students perform better.

Our students want us to expect more of them. A recent study has shown that students feel that their current work is too easy. In a study of students that dropped out, students said that they would have worked harder if more was demanded of them.

What You Can Do as a Business Leader

As business and community leaders, you can help champion the College and Career Ready and support education in your community by building relationships with your local schools, sharing information with your networks (Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, etc.), and including information in your speaking engagements about the importance of the standards.

Employers, you can share information with your staff about Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.

  • Include information in your employee newsletters, on your intranet, or at an upcoming staff meeting.
  • Invite local education leaders in to share about the change and how they can get involved as a community partner to support students’ learning (e.g. volunteering, tutoring, supporting their own children’s education).


Achieve: ( This web site provides resources for business leaders to better understand the College and Career Ready Standards and the importance of college and career readiness.

Let’s Solve This: ( A campaign developed to support the implementation of the College and Career Ready Standards.

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