Arizona Educator Engagement Opportunities

By uniting and mobilizing the education community behind a common purpose for preparing our students for college- and career- success, the Arizona Department of Education is welcoming educators from around the state to be an active contributor to ensure a seamless and effective implementation of Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.

The Arizona Department of Education values the input of our educators. This webpage will host a variety of opportunities for you to become a part of what’s happening in Arizona education. Below are applications for different committees that the we would like for you to consider.

Arizona Standards and Assessment Committee Application
Complete this application if you are interested in serving on Arizona’s standards committees or Assessment committees.

Master Educator Developers and Reviewer Team Application
Interested Arizona educators can apply to be a part of Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards Resource Development and/or Review Team to support Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards implementation. Complete the entire application. You will be notified if you are selected to be a part of the Development or Review Team or both.

Process & Guidelines for Lesson/Units Submissions to ADE
This guidance document outlines the process for submitting lessons and units to the ADE. Lessons and units that are identified as “Exemplars” and “Exemplars if Improved” may be posted in an online repository for shared access to high-quality instructional materials. ADE will accept submissions from districts, charters, school sites, and partner organizations. Partner organizations can include institutes of higher-ed, non-profit organizations, regional centers, etc.