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NCSC Communities of Practice (CoP) were established to facilitate the dissemination of information and training on NCSC materials and procedures to teachers and other pertinent staff. Ideally, CoP members represent various school districts across the state (North, South, East and West). As the ADE Alternate Assessment department gets additional resources and information regarding NCSC and its implementation, they are distributed to CoP members along with training. The CoP members are then responsible for training teachers in their districts and disseminating or providing access to NCSC materials. CoPs are the ADE Alternate Assessment Department’s main source of information…Thus, the work of the CoPs is essential to help guide ADE’s development of supports and resources as we transition to the new assessments. Any and all in the Arizona teaching communities are encouraged to take part in the CoPs.

Webinar Call Dates

The topic for each Monday webinar call is repeated Thursday for the same week.

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Monday (4:00 pm)  Thursday (3:30 pm)
   Nov. 9  
Oct-5; Sept-14; May-11; 
  Nov. 12   
Oct-8; Sept-17; Apr-16;
Feb-12; Jan-15
Aug-11; Oct-6    
 Aug-14  August Video   
 Oct-9 October Video
 Nov 13

Webinar Call Topics

November 2015
-Communication Tool Kit

October 2015: WRITING Modules
September 2015: Universal Design for Learning
April 2015: NCSC Testing is Underway
March 2015: Gearing Up the NCSC AA
February 2015: AIMS A Science Wrap-up
August 2014: Getting Started
September 2014: AZCCRS and the IEP
October 2014: Student Communication
November 2014: Non-fiction text

Archived Webinar Calls


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