Published: September 25th, 2017

Mid-Year AZELLA Placement Testing

November 20 – December 22, 2017

EL students who qualify for Mid-Year AZELLA Placement testing for potential transfer to mainstream classrooms must have the AZELLA Placement Test Referral Form – Moving from EL Services to Mainstream filled out, including the required signatures and filed in the students’ cumulative files. This form is posted on the ADE web site, Assessment/AZELLA web page (http://www.azed.gov/assessment/dtc/) under AZELLA tab > Forms.

Students do not qualify for the Mid-Year AZELLA Placement Testing if they have already been administered a Placement Test during the current school year.

·        Students who have a Parent Withdrawal EL services enrollment are NOT eligible to participate in the Mid-Year Placement Testing because the purpose of the Mid-Year Placement Test is move a student out of EL program services. Those who have the PW enrollment are already in the mainstream classroom.

·        Students being tested must be registered and assigned the appropriate AZELLA Placement Test in PearsonAccessnext between November 20 – December 22, 2017.

·        Last key-entry date, including student SSID number, is Friday, December 22, 2017.

Students in grades 1-12 who have an EL need are eligible to participate in the Mid-Year Placement testing if they have scored either Intermediate or Proficient on all the following sub-scores with the most recent AZELLA test:

·        Reading Proficiency Level, and

·        Writing Proficiency, and

·        Total Combined Proficiency Level

Send ADE a spreadsheet with students’ SSIDs, grade level, and name of schools for those students who will be participating in the Mid-Year AZELLA Placement Testing.

Students who score “Proficient” for their Overall Proficiency Level are to be moved to mainstream classes and will NOT be participating with the Spring 2018 AZELLA Reassessment testing.

Students who score an Overall Proficiency Level of less than Proficient on the Mid-Year Placement Test will remain in EL services and must take the Spring 2018 AZELLA Reassessment Test.

Students who have “SPED Withdrawal,” listed under the Most Recent EL Program History section of the EL70 Report, dated AFTER the last AZELLA test record on their EL70 Report do NOT take any AZELLA tests without an AZELLA Placement Test Referral Form – Mainstream to EL Services completed by the IEP team.

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