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AzMERIT Sample Tests
The AzMERIT Sample Tests are now available and fully operational. We encourage teachers and students to view the computer-based and paper-based item types in the Guide to the Sample Test.

This short presentation provides an introduction to the tools for the AzMERIT Sample Tests; click on the links below to view.

This presentation provides information regarding testing conditions and tools for all students taking computer-based tests and describes the accommodations and accessibility features of the AzMERIT test.

AzMERIT Testing Conditions, Tools, and Accommodations Guidance

Writing Resources

Annotated Writing Samples

February 3, 2016

AzMERIT Writing Guides and Rubrics


Writing Rubrics

Writing Guides*

Math Resources

AzMERIT Equation Response Editor Tutorial

AzMERIT Calculator Guidance

Grid-In Response Items

Hess Matrix – Math

Item Specifications Performance Level Descriptors Blueprints
Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Resources Information for Families

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