AIMS A – Performance Tasks Script and Lessons Demonstration 1 Video

AIMS A – Performance Tasks Script and Lessons Demonstration 2 Video

AIMS A – Performance Tasks Script and Lessons Demonstration 3 Video

Parents – AIMS A and NCSC

The Alternate Assessment eligible students are assessed yearly in the grades and subjects listed below:

AIMS A – Science Grades 4, 8, and 10 only
NCSC – ELA and Mathematics Grades 3 through 8 and 11th grade

Resource documents for parents
AIMS A Parent Guide (English)
AIMS A Parent Guide (Spanish)

National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC)
- NCSC College and Career Readiness Summary 9-10-13
- NCSC Communicative Competence 9-10-13
- NCSC Diagram and explanation 9-10-13
- NCSC background 9-10-13
- NCSC AA-AAS FAQs 9-10-13


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Department Name First Last Phone Email Job Title
Assessments Leila Williams, PhD Leila Williams, PhD (602)364-2811 Associate Superintendent for High Quality Assessments & Adult Education
Innovative Assessments Margaret Bowerman Margaret Bowerman (602)542-4101 Program Project Specialist II - Communications
Innovative Assessments Kevin Bruney Kevin Bruney (602)542-1134 Coordinator of Support Materials - Mathematics
AZELLA Linda Harvey Linda Harvey (602)542-2967 AZELLA State Test Coordinator
AZELLA Marlene Johnston Marlene Johnston (602)364-3501 Director of English Language Learner Assessments
AZELLA Lisa Oliver Lisa Oliver (602)542-0948 ELL Assessment Development Coordinator
NAEP Jessica Eilertson Jessica Eilertson (602)542-1134 Assessment Support Specialist
Assessment Lori Arnold Lori Arnold (602)542-5032 Program Project Specialist II
Assessment Mary Pat Wood Mary Pat Wood (602)542-5345 Achievement Testing State Test Coordinator
Innovative Assessments Sarah Gardner Sarah Gardner (602)542-7856 Director of Innovative Assessments
Assessment Christine Moody Christine Moody (602)542-5122 Administrative Assistant III
Assessment Frank Brashear Frank Brashear (602)364-2346 Director of Test & Item Development
Innovative Assessments Brad Vasil Brad Vasil (602)364-0462 Coordinator of Support Materials - ELA
Assessment Brenda Wright, M.Ed Brenda Wright, M.Ed (602)542-5233 Educational Technology Program Specialist
Assessment Melissa Stinson-Borg Melissa Stinson-Borg (602)542-3068 State Testing Contracts Manager
Assessment Linda Edgington Linda Edgington (602)542-5416 Program Project Specialist II
NAEP & International Assessments Shelly Pollnow, Ed.D. Shelly Pollnow, Ed.D. (602)364-1583 Director of Arizona NAEP & International Assessments
Assessment Irene Hunting Irene Hunting (602)542-5450 Deputy Associate Superintendent
Assessment Lee Scott Lee Scott (602)364-4027 Director of Psychometrics
Assessment Mary Ricci-Marriott Mary Ricci-Marriott (602)542-5711 Administrative Assistant II
Assessment Patricia Reynolds Patricia Reynolds (602)364-1296 Prof. Dev. & State Assessment Specialist
Alternate Assessment Angeles Swasey Angeles Swasey (602)542-8239 Alternate Assessment Program Project Specialist
Alternate Assessment Audra Ahumada Audra Ahumada (602)542-4061 Director of Alternate Assessment
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