Published: May 7th, 2018


Did you know that…

…AzDEO is now in its 12th year.

…your AzDEO is considered the “go to” organization for dance education by ADE and the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and supports and advocates for dance education on the state and national level?

…your AzDEO colleagues were instrumental in the revision of the 2015 dance standards?

…your AzDEO colleagues have developed Student Learning Objectives (SLO) and authentic performance assessments for dance for Teacher Evaluation?

…Arizona and AzDEO have a strong and impressive presence at NDEO conferences?

…AzDEO provides teacher scholarships and awards, and sponsors a student essay contest?

…AzDEO provided dance to 3rd and 1st graders in an elementary school?

…AzDEO has 60 active NHSDA chapters? 2488 inductees? A leader in NHSDA?

…AzDEO has had 1 NDEO National Artistic Merit, Leadership, and Academic Achievement Award 1st place winner, 2 finalists and 8 honorable mentions?

…AzDEO has been awarded 8 operating grants from the AZ. Commission on the Arts?

Support and contribute to dance education in AZ. by nominating yourself or someone else to the AzDEO board.

  • Nominations and self -nominations are now open for the following positions:

President-Elect- 1 year

  • Current AzDEO Board with years remaining on their term

President-1 year

Treasurer- 1 year

Secretary-1 year

Higher Ed Representative- 1 year

Please email Lynn Monson at [email protected] by Wed. August 1 with your nomination(s). Board members must be current members of NDEO/AzDEO and remain a member throughout their term.