Student Artwork Competition

2016-2017 Student Artwork Competition

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The 6th Annual Arizona Department of Education 2016-2017 Student Artwork Competition is a Visual Arts contest for elementary, middle, and high school students in the State of Arizona. Students participate in the contest by entering one original artwork designed around the theme:

I am proud to be an American!

What makes you proud to be an American? Is it the bounty of freedoms we enjoy due to the monumental and selfless sacrifices made by countless brave men and women? Is it the rich and diverse tapestry of beliefs, customs, and traditions that comprise the American cultural landscape? Is it our collective spirit of goodness and the willingness of neighbors and community volunteers to lend a hand in times of need? Is it the breathtaking beauty of America’s scenic countryside – majestic purple mountains and rolling amber fields of grain “from sea-to-shining sea?” Is it the industrious nature of the American work ethic as embodied by our vibrant and productive urban centers? Is it the cornucopia of riches American farmers and ranchers have brought forth from our seemingly unending abundance of natural resources? Is it the enduring symbols of our great land – the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, the “Stars and Stripes,” the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, Uncle Sam, the American bald eagle, and the Liberty Bell, among others?

Give thought to what makes you truly proud to be an American, and capture your best ideas in an original and inspiring work of art.

Download the official 2016-2017 entry formDownload the 2016-2017 Contest information rules and guidelines

All two-dimensional media – including paintings, drawings, prints, and mixed media artworks – are eligible for Entry.

Winning Entries will be displayed throughout Phoenix-area Arizona Department of Education buildings, and will be featured on ADE print and Web publications.

The contest is open to all K-12 Arizona students, with the exception of children of Arizona Department of Education (ADE) employees.

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