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Arizona Academic Standards in the Arts
The Arizona Academic Standards in the Arts can be found at the link above. The standards are discipline specific – art, dance, music, theatre – and are mainly organized by skill articulation – beginning, intermediate, advanced and distinction.

Arizona Arts Education Standards are being revised!
Join the conversation and contribute to the revision of our state’s academic standards in the arts. You can participate by providing feedback via online surveys as well as serving on the revision and editorial committees.

Online surveys ::   Current use of the arts standards
Dance Standards
Music Standards
Theatre Standards
Visual Arts Standards

Revision Committee application form.
While the Committee has been created, new members may be needed throughout the process. Please apply if you are interested and willing to serve – and thank you!

National Core Arts Standards
Released in June, new, national, voluntary arts education standards have been created by teachers across the states. To learn more about how the new standards were developed, and to trace their development, including background research and partnerships, click here.

Common Core and Arts Connections
The College Board has just released a study on the connections between the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics and the under revision National Arts Standards. Visit the report to learn how the arts can support the Common Core while remaining true to our artistic processes!


Please find following some wonderful materials to help you build meaningful, quality assessments in the arts.

AZ Department of Education / Peoria Unified School District Presentation
Learn more about building quality assessments, and dive into some examples from a leading district in arts assessment – Peoria.

SCASS Arts Item Development Training Manual
This in-depth manual will help you write and design high quality questions (multiple choice, performance, portfolio and written response) for arts assessments.

SCASS Arts Item Development Slides from PPT
An overview of the training found in the Manual.

Universal Design Check sheet

Selected Response (multiple choice) Check sheet

Constructed Response (narrative, performance, portfolio and rubric design) Check sheet

Examples of Arts Assessments and Assessment Resources from Other States

Connecticut – Excellent examples of teacher-created assessments and evidence of student work.

Washington State – Classroom Based Performance Assessments tasks.

Maine’s Arts Assessment Initiative

Arizona Voluntary End of Course Expectations

The following expectations by discipline were created by a team of Arizona high school arts educators (2007-2010) to help high school teachers design courses in alignment with the state arts standards, as well as sequentially deliver arts instruction in high school. The expectations may be of use as you design assessments for high school level arts courses. Please note: They are a guideline and are NOT a state requirement.

Music End of Course Expectations


Theatre End of Course Expectations

Technical Theatre (non-CTE)

End of Course Expectations Charts
(high school level of study)
Dance End of Course Expectations
Visual Arts End of Course Expectations


Please feel free to contact Lynn Tuttle at or 602-364-1534 if you have any questions or if you have interest in serving on the Statewide Arts Assessment Committee. Thank you!