Student Information System

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As part of the Arizona Education Learning and Accountability System, the new statewide student information system (SSIS) addresses local education agencies’ needs for consistent and compliant student information management solutions.

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Whether you are large or small, ADE will leverage the buying power of the state to save you money. All LEAs who “opt in” to the statewide SIS solution will spend less and get more over time.

In addition to providing a cost-effective contract vehicle, ADE will provide all the support you need to implement and manage your new SIS.


The new system has been designed by Arizona SIS users for Arizona SIS users. Your new SIS will do what you need it to do and will fully integrate with other ADE systems, providing a truly streamlined education management experience.

ADE will provide a SaaS solution.  LEAs purchase “seats” and the vendor provides an all-in-one solution that users access via the Internet.

The combined LEA-ADE Change Management Board ensures the SSIS anticipates requirements and meets LEAs’ needs.


Not only will choosing the statewide SIS cost you less, it will simplify your entire IT setup.
Here’s how it works:

  • ADE establishes a contract vehicle for statewide SIS at low per-student rates.
  • LEAs choose the statewide SIS and pay less for more functionality.
  • Volunteer Change Management Board facilitates SIS access, maintenance, updates, and improvements.
  • You enjoy a hassle-free and streamlined student information system experience.