Instructional Improvement System

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The AELAS Instructional Improvement System is a set of online tools that enable analysis of information and data for use in improving student academic growth and achievement.
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Assessment System

The AELAS Assessment System lets educators drive the creation, sharing and administration of assessments measuring student growth and achievement.

  • Centralizes district-level assessments
  • Promotes cross-school teacher collaboration
  • Allows real-time student growth monitoring

Content Management System

The AELAS Content Management System serves as the state’s digital education library.

  • Consolidates critical resources
  • Facilitates sharing and re-use

Learning Management System

The AELAS Learning Management System organizes, delivers and tracks classes and courses.

  • Delivers online professional development
  • Tracks continuing education units
  • Reduces districts’ training burden

Teacher & Principal Evaluation System

The AELAS Teacher and Principal Evaluation System helps administrators evaluate performance and appropriately tailor professional development.

  • Systemizes observation process
  • Consolidates evaluation information
  • Makes evaluation process transparent