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Published: June 21st, 2018

AzEDS FY18 and FY19 REST API URL Update and Plan

Dear LEAs and Vendors,

The intent of this post is to address the end-of-year process for data submissions.

  • FY18 Data Submittal final date – July 13th, 2018 @ 5pm Arizona Time.
  • FY19 Data Submittal – Opens on July 1st, 2018.

LEAs and SIS vendors must submit data using the appropriate URL AND fiscal year in the URL listed below:

PROD URLs – Production REST API for LEA’s:

  • REST API 3.0 URL (for FY2018):https://rest-api-r3.azeds.azed.gov


  • REST API 4.0 URL (for FY2019):https://rest-api-r4.azeds.azed.gov


To ensure the LEA SIS is configured properly for each fiscal year, the LEA should refer to their vendor communications, support documentation or vendor contact to setup properly.

There is no change to the key and secret assigned to each district for AzEDS access.

For data elements required for the new fiscal year, please refer to the AzEDS 4.0 Use Case document on AzEDS Developers Site.

Sincerely, AzEDS Team

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Published: February 2nd, 2018

AzEDS API 4.0 Sandbox available for Vendors as of 1/31/2018

The AzEDS REST API Release 4.0 with Ed-Fi ODS API 2.1 is now available in the sandbox environment.

The AzEDS team published the following for all AzEDS SIS Vendors. Sandbox 4.0 Release Notes and Use Case 4.0.

The scope of API 4.0 includes:

  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) Program
  • New resource added for School Calendar
  • New Descriptors added for Home Language

Here are the URL links to the environment:

  • Swagger UI: https://sandbox-rest-ui-r4.azeds.azed.gov/
  • REST API: https://sandbox-rest-api-r4.azeds.azed.gov/

Attached to this post are the Use Case Scenario Document and Release Notes, which will soon be posted to the Developers section of the AzEDS website. As was done with previous sandbox environments, when ready you can email AzEDS to request a new account. We will respond with an activation email which in turn will allow you to create up to five sandboxes per account. Also as before, each sandbox you create will have its own unique API key and secret. Release 4.0 will become the official version beginning FY19 on July 1, 2018. Please let us know if you have any questions or encounter any issues. Thank you for your continued efforts.

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Published: August 30th, 2017

Fiscal Year 2018 Format for Track Submissions

In Fiscal Year 2018, AzEDS REST API 3.0 requires Track Calendars to be submitted in a format that differs from earlier releases.

In prior Fiscal Years, Vendor SIS’s would send a request command at the AzEDS database to confirm whether or not a Track existed at the School level. Once the information was located, the following data would need be sent to AzEDS:

  • TrackEducationOrganizationID: (Example – SchoolID)
  • TrackSchoolYear: (Example – 2017)
  • TrackNumber: (Example – 1)

If the School did not have a Track Calendar, then the user would need to submit the following information at the LEA level:

  • TrackEducationOrganizationID: (Example- LEAID)
  • TrackSchoolYear: (Example – 2017)
  • TrackNumber: (Example – 1)

In AzEDS REST API 3.0 for FY18, all Schools have a Track Calendar tied to the LEA that the School Calendar falls under. As a result, Track data is now submitted as follows:

  • SchoolID: (Example – SchoolID the user is submitting the enrollment to)
  • TrackLocalEducationAgencyID: (Example- LEAID the School Calendar falls under)
  • TrackNumberDescriptorId: (Example – 01)

For example, if a student is tuitioned out to a private school, then the district of residence must submit the Track with the district of residence’s LEAID as part of the TrackLocalEducationAgencyID. The TrackLocalEducationAgencyID cannot be submitted as the SchoolID, else it will be rejected with a 409 error.

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Published: July 13th, 2017

AzEDS FY17 EOY Update

Dear LEAs and Vendors,

This is a reminder that AzEDS REST API 2.3 environment for Fiscal Year 2017 will no longer accept data submissions after Friday, July 14th, at 5:00PM Arizona Time for non-915 purposes.

The final statewide Integrity and Aggregation processing for Fiscal Year 2017 will run later that evening. From that point forward, Fiscal Year 2017 AzEDS reports will remain stagnant outside of changes made through the 915 process.

Please refer to the following blog post for information on how to transition to submitting AzEDS data for Fiscal Year 2018.

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Published: June 20th, 2017

915 Technical impact and File Specifications

FY17 will be the first year AzEDS will support the 915 process, see the 915 Technical impact and File Specification for more details. More information will be coming at a later date, in the meantime; here is the new approval file specification School Finance will be requiring and a high level overview of the process.

If you have any questions, please contact AzEDS Support via Service Manager.

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Published: May 2nd, 2017

EOY FY17 and FY18 for AzEDS

Year end is quickly approaching, here is a summary of EOY dates:

  • FY17 data can be submitted until July 14th at 5pm via AzEDS 2.3 API for ALL LEAs (not just AOIs)
  • FY18 data can be submitted on July 1st via AzEDS 3.0 API

This is follow-up from the recent ASCUS meeting to confirm the dates and who can submit until July 14th, which has been reconfirmed as ALL LEAs. Integrity and Aggregation nightly processing priority will be FY17 data and after that completes, the plan is to run Integrity for FY18 data.

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Published: April 4th, 2017

AzEDS Performance Status Update

On 4/3/2017, ADE IT transitioned the AzEDS servers back to the previous Azure Model in order to resolve the intermittent performance issues. Following this maintenance window, AzEDS performance has now improved across the board to the original sustained levels. Data can now be submitted with consistent server acceptance.

We thank you for your hard work and continued patience throughout the past week.

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Published: March 22nd, 2017

UPDATE: AzEDS Performance Issues

Update 3/30/17: ADE IT has been making progress with Microsoft on the AzEDS performance issue. The AzEDS Team is continuing to monitor closely and will provide further information once available. We thank you for your continued patience and apologize for the inconvenience.

Update 3/24/17: The AzEDS performance issue is currently in an escalated state and being addressed with Microsoft. We are continuing to monitor this issue closely.

The AzEDS REST API will encounter some intermittent performance issues over the next few days. ADE IT is currently engaging Microsoft to resolve this and will provide more information as soon as it is available.

Thank you for your continued patience.

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