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February 17th, 2017

AzEDS Calendar Update for FY18 & FY19

The original plan for FY18 was to leverage AzEDS for Calendars. This plan has changed, there are technical changes the Vendors need to make for Calendar (due to EdFi 2.1 data schema changes) by July 1, 2017. LEAs will continue to enter their calendar for the state needs in Enterprise for FY18.

The revised plan for LEAs to submit calendars via SIS to AzEDS is as follows:

  • The AzEDS calendar will be available for Vendors in Sandbox to develop to by no later than June 2017
  • Note: AzEDS API 3.0 will have all the core functionality needed for calendars; should vendors want to start development prior to July 2017
  • The AzEDS Calendar will go LIVE in production, no later than January 2018 to support FY19 Calendars submissions via AzEDS
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February 13th, 2017

New Rules – Support Programs soon to be Released and Future Rules

Summary of upcoming new or changed Integrity rules for FY17:

  • Support Programs – NEW, target release is February 16th, 2017 this has been changed to February 23rd
  • Accountability Non-Payment Rules – NEW, target release is early / mid April at the latest
  • Grand Canyon Diploma (GCD) – NEW, target release is early / mid April at the latest
  • There are a handful of other changes planned for Integrity rules, based on LEA feedback the AzEDS team is trying to finalize quickly so FY17 Integrity Rule changes can be officially locked down.

Another update will be sent regarding the remaining FY17 rule changes by next week, thank you for your continued feedback and patience.

You can check out the details of the New Rules under [Integrity Rules Reference] on the AzEDS Reference Page.

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February 13th, 2017

Bug Fixed – Private Day School and Voucher Students Unexpectedly Failing Integrity

The AzEDS team has learned on Friday 2/10/17 that LEAs were seeing an unexpected increase in integrity rule failures for students attending private day schools and voucher students. The increase in integrity rule failures was caused by an AzEDS update that inadvertently and inaccurately labeled private day schools as residential treatment centers. The error was corrected before Integrity processing ran by end of day on Friday 2/10/17. The results were validated on Saturday 2/11 after Integrity processing completed. Thank you for your patience, please open a ticket if you feel the issue was not addressed.

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February 7th, 2017

Known Issue – Ed-Fi Get By Example if invalid studentUniqueId or staffUniqueId is submitted

AzEDS Development team has uncovered an Ed-Fi code base bug impacting both the AzEDS 2.3 and 3.0 REST API regarding Get by Example on all API resources that have a studentUniqueId or staffUniqueId as a parameter.

If a Get by Example command is used on a resource with a studentUniqueId or staffUniqueId that does not exist in AzEDS, the Get by Example will return all records submitted using the APP key for the resource. It is recommended that you use Get by Example with a valid studentUniqueId or staffUniqueId, if you are querying records using that parameter.

Again, this is a bug in the core Ed-Fi code base and will continue to exist through Fiscal Year 2018 (or future version of the API after Ed-Fi fixes). We have reported this bug to EdFi with the intent this will be resolved in their next release.

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February 7th, 2017

New!! AzEDS Student Analysis Tool

ADE has released a new tool that is available to all ADEConnect users who have been assigned the ADEConnect Role of “AzEDS Data Coordinator – Base Reports” for at least one entity. This first phase of the tool shows current data in AzEDS for District of Residence, ELL, FTE, Student Need, Special Enrollment, SPED, Student School Enrollment, Support Program Participation, and Tuition Payer. A user who normally runs the STUD15 or the STUD10 for Student School Enrollment, FTE, Tuition Payer and Special Enrollment information and the ELL10, SPED10, SUP10 and SUPP11 while analyzing data for a single student can use this tool to see all the current data for these different areas a single screen.

Read all about it in the Student Analysis Tool Quick Reference Guide!

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February 7th, 2017

Issue Fixed – SPED Participation Report (SPED72)

The school list by district of residence for the SPED72 – SPED Participation Report was not populating properly and some users reported being able to see schools (not students) not associated with their district. The issue was limited to the school selection box and the report did not include students from schools outside the district. The procedure that creates the school list has been updated and users are now able to select only schools associated with their district.

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February 7th, 2017

Issue Fixed – Dropout Recovery Program Report

The AzEDS team has released fixes for two reports that were not working properly for LEAs operating a Dropout Recovery Program (DRP). The pdf version of the DRP10 Verification Report had unnecessary blank pages which have been removed. The Trans15 – Data Transmission Summary report was not displaying DRP data submissions making data verification difficult for some users. Both reports are now working as expected.

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January 27th, 2017

Bug Fix – Integrity rule 40065 which Validates the Student Need “Multiple Disabilities”

Integrity rule -40065 validates the student need category Multiple Disabilities. For a student to be reported under the need Multiple Disabilities the student must have:

1. Two or more of needs Hearing Impairment, Moderate Intellectual Disability, Orthopedic Impairment, or Visual Impairment. Or,
2. One need from each of the following lists

    a. Hearing Impairment, Moderate Intellectual Disability, Orthopedic Impairment, or Visual Impairment
    b. Emotional Disability, Emotional Disability Private Placement, Mild Intellectual Disability, or Specific Learning Disability needs.

Initially this rule was not checking for the Emotional Disability Private Placement need and erroneously failing some student records. Now, student with this need and one of the other required needs will pass this rule.

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January 27th, 2017

Average Daily Membership Calculation for AOI Students Updated

The projected Average Daily Membership (ADM) calculation for AOI students was incorrect. The projected ADM calculation for AOI students is a multiple step process.

1. Calculate average daily instructional minutes by dividing the total number of reported instructional minutes by the number days in the interval.
2. Calculate expected annual instructional minutes by multiplying average daily minutes by the number of remaining days in the school year.
3. Add earned annual instructional minutes to expected annual instructional minutes to get the projected annual instructional minutes.
4. Calculated the projected ADM by dividing the projected annual instructional minutes by 54,000.

In the first step, the number of days in the interval was being calculated as the number of days between the membership begin date and the end of the school year. Using this methodology the average daily instruction minutes calculation was producing artificially low numbers resulting in a unexpectedly small projected ADM for AOI students. The calculation was changed to consider the interval length as the number of days between the membership begin date and the date capture date. LEAs with AOI students should review their ADM 20 report to review the impact of this change.

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