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Published: August 15th, 2018

Integrity Rule fix released August 14, 2018

On 8/14/18, AzEDS Development released a fix to the following Integrity Rule(s)


  • AzEDS Integrity Rule –20023 (Date falls outside this school’s calendar).
    • For FY19, changed back to Error from Warning.


  • AzEDS Integrity Rule –60034 (Grade mark is missing).
    • This fix applies to FY19 and forward. Integrity failures related to this problem will be ignored for FY18.

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Published: July 3rd, 2018

Issue resolved preventing some track events from posting to FY2019 AzEDS

Dear LEAs and Vendors,

AzEDS identified an issue for some users in the AzEDS REST API 4.0 related to posting Instructional Calendars.

Some LEAs were not able to submit Calendar Track Events causing the REST API to return an error code 401.

The AzEDS IT team resolved the issue and was able to validate that Calendar Track Events are successfully landing in AzEDS.


AzEDS Team.

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Published: June 25th, 2018

EOY AzEDS Updates

Dear LEAs and Vendors,

Please note on Jun 28th, 2018 starting 5:00PM, AzEDS REST API and Portal will be down for an hour due to preparation activities for Fiscal Year 2019 rollover.

Additional the nightly job (Integrity, ACE.. etc.) will be delayed due to preparation activities.

Sincerely, AzEDS Team

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Published: June 21st, 2018

AzEDS FY18 and FY19 REST API URL Update and Plan

Dear LEAs and Vendors,

The intent of this post is to address the end-of-year process for data submissions.

  • FY18 Data Submittal final date – July 13th, 2018 @ 5pm Arizona Time.
  • FY19 Data Submittal – Opens on July 1st, 2018.

LEAs and SIS vendors must submit data using the appropriate URL AND fiscal year in the URL listed below:

PROD URLs – Production REST API for LEA’s:

  • REST API 3.0 URL (for FY2018):

  • REST API 4.0 URL (for FY2019):

To ensure the LEA SIS is configured properly for each fiscal year, the LEA should refer to their vendor communications, support documentation or vendor contact to setup properly.

There is no change to the key and secret assigned to each district for AzEDS access.

For data elements required for the new fiscal year, please refer to the AzEDS 4.0 Use Case document on AzEDS Developers Site.

Sincerely, AzEDS Team

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Published: June 20th, 2018

Integrity rule changes released January 19th, 2018

On 6/19/2018, Development released changes to the following Integrity Rule(s):


  • AzEDS Integrity Rule –10026: (Student must be at least 6 years old by January 1st to generate funding for grades higher than kindergarten).
    • Changed to grade 1st-12th.

  • AzEDS Integrity Rule –10122: (Students that are 22 years old and not receiving SPED services are not eligible to state funding).
    • For FY18, changed from Error to Warning.


  • AzEDS Integrity Rule –20002 (Submitted readmission activity does not match the previous withdrawal activity code).
    • R22 code added for FY18 and forward.

  • AzEDS Integrity Rule –20011 (New readmission is prior to the withdrawal of the most recent membership during the fiscal year).
    • R22 code added for FY18 and forward.

  • AzEDS Integrity Rule –20012 (Student must be withdrawn from prior enrollment before being readmitted).
    • R22 code added for FY18 and forward.

Accountability Other:

  • AzEDS Integrity Rule –21001 (Every membership needs an exit date and reason. Please submit a Year End Status or Withdrawal code and exit date).
    • W22 code added for FY18 and forward.

  • AzEDS Integrity Rule –21004 (Every membership needs an exit date and reason. Please submit a Year End Status or Withdrawal code and exit date).
    • W22 code added for FY18 and forward.

  • AzEDS Integrity Rule –21006 (Student with a summer withdrawal has no year-end status from the prior year at the same school).
    • Bug fix for prior year dates.

  • AzEDS Integrity Rule –21010 (If the year end statuses are not between the last instructional day and 6/30(End of FY) then report the discrepancy as an error).
    • New Accountability, other rule for FY18 and forward.

Support Programs:

  • AzEDS Integrity Rule –50013 (The need is not valid for the support program reported. Either the need is not valid or there was no need reported. Please see the Need/Support Program Matrix for valid Support Program/Need combinations).
    • Added validation for ‘Other Giftedness’ Need.

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Published: April 27th, 2018

API 4.0 External UAT released

On 4/27/18, API 4.0 External UAT (User Acceptance Testing) released:

External API 4.0 UAT:

  • The API 4.0 External UAT is now available for LEA’s. LEA’s will use the same Key and Secret they used for API 3.0 testing. To request access to the API 4.0 UAT, please submit a ticket through our Self-Service Portal.

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Published: March 12th, 2018

Fix to STUD72 Report released March 2, 2018

On 3/2/18, Development released a Bug fix to the following AzEDS Portal report:

STUD72 Report:

  • Students that have concurrent enrollment were reporting Attendance and Absences for the different schools on the STUD72 report under one school.

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