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July 17th, 2017

ADEConnect Update – July 17, 2017

ADE Acceptable Use Policy

All users who access ADEConnect will be required to accept the ADE Acceptable Use Policy agreement on a yearly basis within the ADEConnect application. This impacts all users: Student Information System (SIS), and ADEConnect direct sign-in users.

The first page that displays in ADEConnect will be the Acceptable Use Policy with an active I Accept button at the end of the page. Once clicked, the ADEConnect home page will display where you can access the ADE applications as usual.

Reports for Admins

With the new school year upon us, you may need to update staff members’ access to applications in ADEConnect. To assist you in the assignment of the appropriate ADE roles for your staff, ADEConnect now includes reports listing all application roles, their descriptions, and the specific application names the roles provide access to via ADEConnect. The reports can be found under the Reports tab on the ADEConnect home page and the Reports link on the Entity Administration home page.

    Don’t Forget: Training Videos and Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

      If you need to remind yourself how to create new ADEConnect accounts, assign entities, and add/remove roles, be sure to consult the resources available on the ADEConnect web page in the section labeled Entity Admin Training. Or for continued FAQ information, subscribe to get the ADEConnect Updates as they become available.

      Read all about it in the ADEConnect Newsletter.

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      June 1st, 2017

      New Roles for Accountability A-F CCRI Self-Reporting

      The Accountability A-F CCRI Self-Reporting web application is going live today (June 1) and will be available until July 15, 2017, at 5:00 p.m. The application allows schools and districts to enter the CCRI Points Earned total displayed on the completed College and Career Ready Self Reporting Score Spreadsheet (A-F CCRI Self Report Spreadsheet.xlsx).

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      May 16th, 2017

      ADEConnect Update – CTE Technical Skills Assessment Roles

      As of August 1, 2017—just in time for Fall 2017 testing—the Technical Skills Assessments will be available in ADEConnect. The Technical Skills Assessments application is used for the following:

      • All districts/schools/community colleges to register students for their assessments
      • Administer the assessments
      • To access the assessment reports

      When the Technical Skills Assessments application is live on August 1, 2017, using ADEConnect, the current login page will no longer be available.

      Read all about it in the ADEConnect Newsletter.

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      May 10th, 2017

      I Thought I Removed My ADEConnect User Account!

      And I’m sure you did, but the Entity Admin Application only removes the account and roles at one specific Parent Entity or Related Organization. There is no bulk removal of user accounts. We won’t assume you are removing the account from all organizations just because you want to remove it from one organization.

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      May 10th, 2017

      What is the User Change Log?

      What’s this new User Change Log and what will it do for me?

      Ah, great question!

      The User Change Log lets you see all recent activity performed for the users of an active Parent Entity or Related Organization. The catch here is you must be the Entity Administrator on that Parent Level or Related Organization to see the activity. Security is important, after all!

      User Change Log

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      May 10th, 2017

      New Field Named “Account Status”

      I don’t understand the new field named “Account Status”.

      If the ADEConnect user is not a student information system (SIS) user and the status field displays as “Pending” or “Expired”, then no ADEConnect password has been set up by the user. So you, the Entity Administrator, can remind the user to set up their account.

      If the ADEConnect user is a SIS user, then the status will display as “Active” because their passwords are maintained in the SIS, not through ADEConnect.

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      May 10th, 2017

      ADEConnect Concerning SIS Users

      What do you mean I can’t log in to ADEConnect if I’m a SIS user?

      That’s right! If your Entity Administrator has identified you as a user who has access to ADEConnect from a student information system (SIS), then you cannot log in directly to ADEConnect.

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      May 10th, 2017

      What Does Parent Entity Mean?

      The Parent Entity is just the new terminology for what used to be called a District, LEA, BIE, Charter Holder, or Entity. It is simply the highest-level entity role to which all lower-level schools, entities, sites, or charter schools are assigned.

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      May 8th, 2017

      Fear of Using the Bulk Add Function

      I’m afraid I’ll be re-adding application roles to users if I use the Bulk Add function.

      Nah, no worries.

      If you choose a list of users to the bulk add application roles and some of those users already have those application roles assigned, the system is smart enough not to add the application roles twice. This means you don’t have to remember every application role for every user in the bulk add process.


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