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Latest News What is AzEDS?
AzEDS is part of the Arizona Education Learning and Accountability System, the state’s comprehensive statewide information solution. AzEDS is the data standard for this system, a common language and processes to streamline communication. AzEDS uses the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) being adopted by education systems across the nation.

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What LEAs Need to Know

AzEDS simplifies the reporting process by creating clear and easy-to-use mechanisms for data submission and access at every level.

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What Vendors Need to Know

AzEDS provides all necessary data elements and business rules for seamless data transfer between vendor and ADE systems.

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Why do we need AzEDS?

To put it simply, we need AzEDS in order to make Arizona’s education system work better for everyone involved. By standardizing and streamlining the collection and reporting of critical information based on CEDS and the Ed-Fi structure, AzEDS helps educators to concentrate on teaching and students to focus on learning. In fact, on October 19, 2012, the Arizona Data Governance Commission directed ADE to immediately implement the Ed-Fi data model and CEDS data standards. All education data systems must adopt these standards in order to send or receive data from ADE systems.

What LEAs Need to Know

Every school in Arizona is required to track and report hundreds of pieces of information every week, requiring countless hours of work and ever-increasing financial burden. AzEDS automates the majority of the reporting without compromising privacy or reducing LEA control over student data.

What Vendors Need to Know

Ever-changing reporting requirements at the federal and state level require a standardized and agile system for conforming data to the latest rules. AzEDS allows everyone to meet compliance standards in a short time.

How will AzEDS affect me?

What LEAs Need to Know

AzEDS is a behind-the-scenes system, so most people will never even know they are benefitting from it; however, administrative staff will quickly notice the reduction in hours they spend compiling and submitting data. AzEDS will also enable new Arizona Dashboards (AZ Dash) to offer near real-time student data.

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What Vendors Need to Know

Education software vendors will be required to integrate AzEDS processes and standards into their systems.

View the Jan. 27, 2014 vendor conference presentation by clicking on the link below.

Vendor Conference Presentation

What do I need to do?

What LEAs Need to Know

Whether an LEA opts in to the forthcoming Statewide Student Information System or continues to use its current SIS, everyone can help move Arizona forward by participating in an AzEDS pilot. Talk to your system administrators now!

What Vendors Need to Know

Vendors can become part of Arizona’s state-of-the-art education technology system by contacting ADE. AzEDS technical specifications will be posted here as they become available; meanwhile, information about Ed-Fi is available at

What is the plan?
ADE is working with LEAs and vendors to bring everybody onto the same data standard.Thanks to all who participated, the Jan. 27, 2014 vendor conference was a great success.

Vendor Conference Presentation

Release 1

Release 1 is scheduled for July 1, 2014.

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Release 1 will target the following SAIS and STC transactions to be submitted to ADE using the REST API web services:

  • Student Enrollment
  • Student Re-admission
  • Student Withdrawal
  • Student Absence
  • Student Personal Information Change
  • Student Membership Change
  • Student District of Residence Transfer
  • Student FTE
  • Student Grade Transfer
  • Student Payer Factors
  • Student Year End Status
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Summer Withdrawals
  • Student Teacher Course Connections
Sandbox Access
  • Send an email to with the subject “Sandbox Access”
  • You will receive an invitation to the sandbox with a link to register and access the Sandbox Administration Portal
  • Only one portal administration account will be issued for each vendor
  • Once you register and log into the administrator portal, you can create one or more sandboxes and publish that information to your development team
The required URLs to interact with the sandbox are listed below.

IMPORANT: Because SSL is currently set up as a self-sign certificate, in order to use Swagger interactively, users must first accept the Ed-Fi REST API certificate in the browser by going to the first link below, before using the Admin Portal or Swagger UI links. We also recommend that you use the Firefox browser for a better experience with the certificates.


Administration Portal

Swagger UI

Development Documentation Formative Assessments

The Arizona Education Data Standards, AzEDS, is the family of standards for exchanging data with the Arizona Department of Education. AzEDS – Assessment is the component of the standard for exchanging assessment data.

This document defines a common standardized data elements and format when exchanging student assessment data. It proposes the actual file that would need to be exchanged to achieve conformity. Additionally, it will contain a data dictionary for the attributes that are mentioned in the actual files and lists the limitations and constraints for the data.

The purpose of this document is to articulate the specifications for the data exchange of student assessment data. This is being circulated to all parties who send data to the State for the assessments that are delivered and scored for the students at LEAs in the state.

By collecting the student assessment data in a common standard’s based format, it will enable the state to make available standard reports and dashboards to educators, parents, and students which will help towards student achievement and progress.

It will aid in data mismatches and reduce time spent converting data from one format to another.

Click here to download: AzEDS Assessment – v1.0.2