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AZ Dash gives educators access to the information they need at the times they need it. Combining the breadth of Student-Teacher-Course Connection with the depth of SLDS, AZ Dash’s interactive dashboards bring together all the reporting and analysis tools necessary to make strategic, data-driven decisions. When you combine these benefits with the streamlined, locally-controlled access provided by ADEConnect, AZ Dash becomes an indispensable part of any educator’s toolkit.

Latest News

Latest Release: Post-Secondary Report Cards

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Post-Secondary Report Cards are coming soon to AZ Dash! Teachers will soon enjoy access to the following features:

  • Online, interactive access
  • Data displayed in graphs and charts
  • 4-year trends based on longitudinal data
  • Statewide comparisons for key elements
AZ Dash Focus Group
AZ Dash has been designed by the same people who use it: Arizona educators. A dedicated group of volunteers dedicates valuable time to ensure that the reports being made available through the dashboards are relevant to real-world education scenarios. The LEAs and educators listed below have been kind enough to participate in the AZ Dash development process. Thank you!

School Districts/Charters

  • Arizona State School for the Deaf & Blind
  • AmeriSchools
  • Balsz School District
  • Deer Valley Unified School District
  • Eloy Elementary School District
  • Kingman Unified School District
  • Nogales Unified School District
  • Paradise Valley School District
  • Phoenix Elementary School District
  • Tolleson Elementary School District
  • Vail School District

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  • Dr. Lisa Jackson
  • Debi Verdugo
  • Courtney Braren
  • Gary LeBlanc
  • Dr. Julie Morgenthal
  • Dr. Gayle Galligan
  • Dr. Scott Smith
  • Susan Parks
  • Jeff Anderson
  • Michelle Covarrubias
  • Bill Steber
  • Jeri Wolsey
  • Sarka White
  • Roger Jacks
  • Steve Zimmerman
  • Fernando Parra
  • Karla Soto
  • Michael Cota
  • Diana Leon
  • Angel Canto
  • Dr. Lillian Baribault
  • Dr. Patrick Sweeney
  • Rob Allen
  • Jeff Billings
  • Tom Lind
  • Dr. Gary Zehrbach
  • Kathi Marston
  • Troy Harris
  • Dr. Lupita Hightower
  • Gisselle Herrera
  • Dr. Juan Medrano
  • Veronica Vasquez
  • Wanda Williams
  • Debbie Hedgepeth
Key Benefits
  • screenshot of demo teacher dashboard
  • screenshot of demo teacher dashboard
  • screenshot of demo teacher dashboard


AZ Dash allows teachers to find out exactly where their students need assistance and plan lessons accordingly. In fact, teachers can access seven years of enrollment, withdrawal, and other such comparative data for the students currently in their classrooms. Teacher dashboards feature:

  • Easy-to-use interactive charts, graphs and reports
  • Complete and cumulative information in one location
  • Tools to analyze assessment results at a variety of levels
  • Student data where you need it when you need it


Administrators turn to AZ Dash for accurate information and customized goal management tools. These dashboards feature:

  • District- and school-level trend analysis
  • Assessment results by district and by school
  • District improvement goal tool
  • All the data necessary to make data-driven decisions

ADE offers regular training sessions for AZ Dash users. These live training sessions will be held online via GoToMeeting. Please click on the desired session to register.

  • AZ Dash for Administrators
  • AZ Dash for Coaches, Trainers, PDs
  • AZ Dash for Teachers

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AZ Dash for Administrators

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AZ Dash for Coaches, Trainers, & PDs

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AZ Dash for Teachers

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