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General Information

Does ADEConnect replace ADE’s Common Logon?
ADEConnect will eventually replace Common Logon. Applications are moving to ADEConnect, but until that process is complete, Common Logon remains an important tool. The Entity Administrators receive communications from the ADE as applications transition from Common Logon to ADEConnect. These communications are also available on the ADEConnect page under News and Information!
Where do I submit feedback regarding ADEConnect?
The ADE Solutions Support Team welcomes all feedback. Contact them by email ( or telephone (602-542-7378 / 866-577-9363), 6:00 AM-6:00 PM, Monday – Friday.
Do I have to acknowledge the Acceptable User Policy?
If you are using ADEConnect, then yes. All first time users, are required to read and acknowledge this policy before continuing. Whether your sign-in or enter ADEConnect through your Student Information System (SIS) you are required to read and acknowledge this policy before you receive your ADEConnect home page.
What is an “entity”?
“Entity” is a generic term for a district/school/charter.

Your ADEConnect Portal Home Page

Why can’t I see the entity or application I want?
Some applications are still only accessible through Common Logon. If that is not the issue, contact your Entity Administrator for information regarding access.
What is an Entity Administrator?
ADEConnect is organized by “entity” (district/school/charter) and the Entity Administrator is the person assigned to manage access on/off those entities within ADEConnect. These persons are listed next to each entity on your home page; click on “Administrator Contact” for their contact information.
Why do I see “Administrator Contact” next to each entity name?
This feature gives an ‘at a glance’ view to see who is assigned as the Entity Administrator for that particular district/school/charter. Just click the link and the Entity Administrator names and email addresses will appear. Click the email address and instantly send an email to the Entity Administrator with your specific question! Close the window by clicking the ‘X’ in the upper right hand corner.
What does the “+” or “-” next to the entity mean?
The “+” and “-” indicate that you can expand or contract the list of ADE applications available to you for that entity.
How quickly can I access newly assigned entity applications?
Changes to your entity application assignments generally take 30 minutes to show up on your home page. You will sign out and back in before you see the changes.
I want to leave! How do I sign out of ADEConnect?
The “Sign Out” button is located beneath your name on your ADEConnect home page (upper right corner).


NOTE: If you are accessing ADEConnect through your student information system (SIS), your password maintenance is handled at your LEA/School/Charter. You are not required to maintain a separate password for ADEConnect. Updating your ADEConnect password does not impact your access to Common Logon.

As a non-Student Information System (SIS) user, am I required to change my temporary password the first time I sign on?
Yes. When you first enter your username and temporary password in the sign-on screen (non SIS users), the Change Password dialog will appear. Upon successful password change, you will be redirected to the ADEConnect sign-on screen, where you can enter your username and new secure password.
What if I get an “Invalid Password” message when I try to update my temporary password?
When you are first updating from your temporary password to a new password of your own choosing, please be sure to enter your temporary password in the “Current Password” field and your newly chosen password in the “New Password” field.
What do I do if I get locked out because I tried too many wrong passwords?
It happens to the best of us — if you mistype your password five times in a row, the system will lock you out because it thinks you are a hacker. All you need to do is wait 15 minutes, remember your password, and try again. If you can’t wait that 15 minutes, just walk through the Forgot Password? process. Forgot Password? links are on the ADEConnect sign-in screen.
How do I reset my password? **New update effective 12/2/2015**
If you are a sign-in user (non-ADE or SIS user) simply click on the Forgot Password? link on the sign-on screen and follow the prompts. Be sure to enter your ADEConnect email address to receive your Password Reset link. You do not need to know your previous password. For questions, contact ADE Solutions Support Center. (Contact information is at top of page.)
As a Student Information System user, where should I update my Password for ADEConnect?
You are required to maintain your password in your Student Information Systems; not in ADEConnect. Use your SIS to maintain passwords and see all of your ADE application access when entering ADEConnect from your SIS.
Why is the system telling me to update my password? How do I do it?
If you are an external, non-SIS user passwords are set to expire every 180 days. To change your password, simply walk through the Forgot Password? process. Forgot Password? links are on the ADEConnect sign-in screen.
What are the sign-on password requirements?
ADE’s password policy follows industry standards for secure password creation:

  • Password cannot contain your account name or parts of your full name that exceed two consecutive characters
  • Password can only be updated one time in 24 hours
  • Eight characters minimum in length
  • The previous three passwords cannot be reused
  • Three of the four options below must be included:
    • Contains at least one upper case letter
    • Contains at least one lower case letter
    • Contains at least one symbol, such as: !, <, @, #, $, %, *, ]
    • Contains at least one numeral [0-9]
I sign in through my LEA SIS and forgot my password. What do I do?
The wonder of the single sign-on access setup is that ADE does not require a separate password for users who sign in through their student information system. As a result, you will need to contact your school or LEA system administrator for password help.


Are there any ADEConnect or Entity Administrator reports available?
Yes. If you are an Entity Administrator you have access to the Reports tab located in the menu bar on the ADEConnect home page. These reports will assist you with managing user access on/off of ADE roles and applications. The available reports are:

  • ADEConnect Activity Report – details the entities, applications and roles the users have access in ADEConnect.
  • Common Logon Application Access Report – a list of the application in Common Logon and their users.
  • Entity Admin Portal-User ADE Role Assignments Report – a real-time view of the users’ roles assigned in the Entity Administrator portal.

Entity Administrator Portal

What do I do?
Your responsibilities as an entity administrator are outlined on the Administration page and in the available Entity Admin training listed there.
Where is the Entity Admin Portal?
The link to the Entity Administrator Portal can be found in the application list under the entity name.
I do not use Internet Explorer; can I use Chrome or Firefox for the Entity Admin Portal?
We sympathize, but the answer is “no.” While the rest of the ADE applications are compatible with other browsers, the Entity Administrator Portal only works in Internet Explorer 8 or newer.
I’m a Mac, not a PC! Can I access the Entity Admin Portal using an Apple OS?
Alas, the Entity Admin Portal does not work in anything but Internet Explorer and since Macs do not use IE, you cannot use a Mac. (Yes, you used to be able to get IE for Mac, but that has been discontinued.) If this presents an access problem, please contact the ADE Solutions Support Team for assistance.
Internet Explorer 11 makes the portal look weird.
IE11 has a setting called “Compatibility Mode” that allows you to make the browser pretend it is an older version than it it. As a result, a user can set their browser compatibility mode to IE7 and view websites in that mode; however, that is not a good idea when using ADEConnect because of the reasons explained two questions above: ADEConnect requires IE8 or above. To change the compatibility mode, simply press F12 – Developer Tools (or select from the Tools menu) and change both the Document Mode and the User Agent String to IE8 or above. (Click here for in-depth instructions.)
Why is my screen gray?
The most likely explanation is that your browser is blocking pop-ups, which are necessary for the Entity Administrator portal to function correctly. To disable pop-up blocking in Internet Explorer:

  1. Click on the Tools menu
  2. Hover/click on “Pop-Up Blocker” in the dropdown menu
  3. Click on the “turn off” option in the small menu that appears
How do I become an Entity Administrator?
The current entity administrator can assign the entity administrator role to anyone belonging to that entity. Contact that person (see Administrator Contact information next to the entity name) for more information. The ADE Solutions Support Team can provide further assistance to identify the entity admin if necessary (schools/districts/charters).
Are district-level entity admins automatically also school-level entity admins?
No. Each entity’s administrative permissions are maintained separately, a person must be specifically assigned as the entity administrator for each entity for which he or she is responsible. Although schools may be associated with an LEA (e.g. district), the LEA’s entity administrator does not automatically have entity administrator access to those schools.
So…what can an entity administrator actually do?
Entity administrators are tasked with making sure that their entity’s users can access the ADE applications they need to, while ensuring that ADE’s information remains secure. It is equally important to remove any un-needed access as well.


  • Delegate/remove user roles which provide access to ADE applications
  • Manage district and school ADE application assignments
  • Delegate/remove entity admin role
  • Delegate/remove ADE applications for yourself
  • If necessary, create new users for the entity you manage (no need to add a new account if valid accounts exists)
How quickly will changes I make show up on users’ home pages?
Changes to entity or application assignments generally take 30 minutes to show up on the user’s ADEConnect home page. The user will need to sign out and back in before they see the changes.
How do I return to my ADEConnect home page?
Simply click on the “ADEConnect” link in the upper left corner of the portal to exit back to your home page.
Pending Role Approvals
Some applications require secondary (additional) approvals before a role can be assigned to a user to access an application in ADEConnect. The ADE Role Approver mechanism permits the monitoring of all requests to add a role to a person for application access via ADEConnect. The Entity Administrator will assign the role to a person in the Entity Admin portal. The pending role request will appear on the person’s account in the Entity Admin portal under Roles, Pending Role Approvals. The ADE Role Approver will approve or reject the request for the role assignment. If the ADE Role Approver does not approve or reject the request within 7 days of the initial request by the Entity Administrator, the request will be automatically reject and the Entity Administrator will be notified.
Help Videos
The help videos for assisting you in the use of the Entity Admin portal are now located in the left hand navigation, Help Videos section. The videos cover: Create User, Add an Entity Relationship, Add a Role to An Entity and Remove a Role from an Entity. Videos can also be found on the Relationship and Roles tabs as well.