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All user accounts in ADEConnect are administered by their assigned entity administrators, who also control user access to each ADE application.

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All About Entity Admin(istrator)s
Entity admins are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their users are able to take advantage of the convenience and security ADEConnect offers. By appropriately assigning roles, entity admins permit users to access the ADE applications they need to do their work. Entity admins also maintain the security of LEA and ADE information by ensuring that users only have access to the applications and data they are authorized to see.

Entity Admin Responsibilities

  • Assign user roles and permissions
  • Manage school and site assignments
  • Delegate entity admin role
  • Monitor ADEConnect usage
  • Analyze SIS-ADEConnect connection

Entity Admin Tools

  • Entity Administration Application
  • ADEConnect Activity Report
  • Admin Application Association Report
  • Application Availability Report
  • Search by email address
  • Support from ADE!
Entity Admin Training
Training CertificateAs always, ADE is here to support you. ADEConnect entity admins can not only review the video and/or presentation below, but participate in a live, interactivetraining session. Each session will not only orient you to the ADEConnect user and administrator portals, but help you understand what you (as an entity admin) are responsible for and are capable of doing. The live Q&A segment will answer any burning questions.

Upcoming Live Online Training

Administrative Portal Introduction – Video

Administrative Portal Introduction – Downloadable Training Presentation

Entity Administrator Training Presentation