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ADEConnect is your portal to the wonder that is AELAS. This new tool gives you secure, one-click access to ADE applications like AZ Dash, Move on When Reading, and Grants Management and more. ADEConnect seamlessly connects each LEA’s student information system (SIS) with the Arizona Education Learning and Accountability System. Local user and access administration puts the control where it belongs — in local hands. ADEConnect saves you time.

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The What

ADEConnect is ADE’s “going forward” method for authentication of LEA users to ADE applications. Over the next several years, ADE applications that are accessed through Common Logon and Eduaccess will migrate to ADEConnect.

The Why

Once an LEA is set up to use ADEConnect, administration of ALL LEA users is delegated to and is fully managed by the LEA. In other words, ADE trusts you to manage your own users. That means no more waiting for the ADE to add, modify, or delete user permissions – LEAs can make changes that take effect immediately. ADEConnect operates according to two models: Direct Sign-on and Federated.

Direct Sign-on Model

ADE verifies and grants a superuser at your LEA, known as an “Entity Administrator,” full rights to an ADE application called the “Entity Admin Portal.” Using this application, your Entity Administrator can add, modify or delete user accounts for all of the schools in your LEA. Changes take effect immediately.

Federated Model

ADE has been working with the SIS vendors in the state to add SAML 2.0 Identity Provider Services in their products. If you are using an ADEConnect-enabled SIS, users that are logged into your SIS can access ADEConnect managed applications via single sign-on with no additional account set-up required. You simply configure your SIS with the users’ roles and other pertinent information; ADEConnect will validate that information and grant access to your users without having to set up any accounts manually.

The How

Direct Sign-on Model

The Entity Admin Portal is built on Microsoft’s Forefront Identity Manager. At this time, the Entity Admin Portal application can only be accessed using Internet Explorer version 8 or higher. If your Entity Administrator does not have regular access to a computer with this capability, please contact ADE support for potential alternatives.

Note that this constraint applies only to the use of the Entity Admin Portal application by Entity Administrators. ADEConnect itself supports all known modern web browsers. ADE applications that are accessed through ADEConnect may have their own browser requirements.

Federated Model

Compatible SIS: ADEConnect uses industry standard SAML 2.0. A list of SIS platforms and version numbers that have been tested with ADEConnect is maintained on this site.

Secure-Sockets-Layer (SSL) Enabled: SAML works by sending authentication and authorization information from your SIS to ADEConnect servers via the public internet. In order to ensure that the authentication information sent by your SIS is secure and prevent unauthorized access to your data, ADEConnect requires your SIS to run with SSL enabled (i.e. the URLs to access your SIS must start with “https:”). If your SIS is not running with SSL enabled, please contact your vendor or ADE support for information on what you need to do to enable SSL.

The Help

Please contact us if you have additional questions.
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ADEConnect Benefits
ADEConnect streamlines the entire AELAS experience, securely linking SIS users with ADE applications.

User Benefits

ADEConnect brings the various ADE applications together in a single managed-access environment. In other words, users no longer need to remember multiple usernames and passwords: sign into your SIS and the rest is taken care of behind the scenes.

  • One-click access to ADEConnect through local SIS
  • Portal puts ADE applications at your fingertips
  • Convenient 24×7 access to ADE information and tools
  • Secure environment protects privacy

Administrator Benefits

LEA user account administrators – entity administrators – can use the Entity Admin Portal to manage accounts, access, and even other entity admins. Through ADEConnect, entity administrators can…

  • Give or revoke user permissions for each ADE application
  • Manage multiple schools or sites
  • Monitor ADEConnect usage by school with ADEConnect Activity Report
  • Analyze connection between SIS and ADE system with Admin Application Association Report
  • Delegate and manager entity administrator role

Click below to learn more about how LEAs can administer their ADEConnect permissions.

ADEConnect Administration

ADEConnect is available now! Users whose schools have integrated their SIS with ADEConnect are already enjoying access. The benefits will continue to grow as more ADE applications are added and more vendors complete the integration.
ADEConnect currently allows authorized users to access the following ADE applications:

  • Postsecondary Report Cards
  • AZ Dash
  • Grants Management
  • Move On When Reading
ADE is working with vendors to connect to each LEA’s SIS.

Click below for more information on ADEConnect’s availability for your LEA.

ADEConnect Availability


Training CertificateAs always, ADE is here to support you. ADEConnect entity admins can not only review the presentation below, but participate in a live, interactive training session. Each session will not only orient you to the ADEConnect user and administrator portals, but help you understand what you (as an entity admin) are responsible for and are capable of doing. The live Q&A segment will answer any burning questions and at the end of the session you will receive your very own ADEConnect Entity Administrator Certificate of Training.

Upcoming Live Online Training

Administrative Portal Introduction – Downloadable Training Presentation

Entity Administrator Training Presentation

Latest News

ADEConnect Release Notes for May 29, 2014 are available for download here: ADEConnect Release Notes 052814