Notice of 2012 Advanced Placement Exam Fee Waivers for Eligible Low-Income Students

The Arizona Department of Education is receiving federal grant funds to provide AP exam fee waivers for Advanced Placement students eligible for the Federal Free and Reduced Price Meal Program.

Initially, the US Department of Education (USED) had reduced their funding support for this program, which would have required students to pay $15 per exam, with a cap of 3 exams taken per student. However, we are pleased to report that USED has since moved to fully fund this program, allowing us to continue the program for this year in the same manner as previous years – meaning that eligible students will now pay $0 for all AP exams taken during this cycle.

All exams eligible for the AP Exam Fee Waiver must be indicated using The College Board’s reporting mechanism, which is listed below for your convenience. Participating districts and charter schools will be responsible for verifying and assuring the eligibility of all their students participating in the AP fee waiver program.

Please return the AP Assurance Form by May 7, 2012

To ensure the privacy of participating students, the names of individual students shall not be required or requested.

The State of Arizona will pay $53 per AP exam for public school students qualifying for the College Board fee reduction. The College Board will provide a $26 fee reduction and the high school will forego its $8 administration fee.

The final AP exam fee for each exam taken by a qualifying student: $0

Identifying and Ordering AP Exams Eligible for Fee Waivers

STEP 1: AP Coordinators in Arizona will forgo collection of any AP Exam fees from students qualifying for the AP Exam fee reduction.

STEP 2: Fill out the AP Assurance Form and return it to the email listed at the bottom of the form. You may also choose to fax or mail the signed, completed form.

STEP 3: Keep a list of students who are eligible for AP fee reductions.

STEP 4: Go to the following website: to order exams, and make sure to include all exams that qualify for the fee reduction.

Note: See for more information on Exam Ordering Deadlines.

*The Final Deadline for ordering exams is April 25, 2012*

According to the College Board: To provide you with additional time to order regularly scheduled 2012 AP Exams, we have changed the extension exam-ordering deadline (for schools in the U.S., U.S. territories and Canada only) from April 13 to April 25. There will be no $50 late fee for orders placed by April 25 this year. If needed, you also have the option to order alternate exams for late testing until May 18.

STEP 5: On exam day, fill in the Option #1 oval on the answer sheets for all students who qualify for the AP fee reduction.

STEP 6: After exam administration, generate two invoices (one for the College Board and one for the state). Login at, sign in, and go to “Generate Invoice.” When you generate your invoice online, you will need your Packing List and the total number of exams (not students) that qualify for the AP fee reduction.

STEP 7: Please complete and return signed AP Assurance to You may also fax your signed form to 602-542-5440, or mail to:

Advanced Placement Test Fee Waiver Program
Arizona Department of Education
1535 W. Jefferson Street, Bin 64
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Contact Sandra Skelton with questions regarding the AP Test Fee Waiver Program at Tel: (602) 542-4234;  FAX (602) 542-5440.

STEP 8: The College Board will bill the State directly for all AP Exam fees for qualifying students.

For general information regarding AP Exam Administration, please visit: