Verification of Transcripts for Third Party Verifiers

Employers, School Officials, and Other Verifiers

Online Verification

Verbal Verification

Verbal Verification for Correctional Facilities

If your facility requires an official transcript, please see Transcript section HERE.
If your facility requires a verbal verification, please fax or email a release form containing the inmate’s full name, any aliases, date of birth, full social security number, signature, and any other helpful information. Verifications include whether or not the individual took and passed the GED test and the date of completion.If you email the release form, expect a response within 24 hours containing the verification.
If you fax the release form, please call our office after 24-48 hours processing time to obtain the verification.

Fax number: (602) 542-0031
Email address: [email protected]
Phone number: (602) 542-2410, option #2